Professional Development

Broaden your skill set with tools to help you at every stage of your career. We cover all the basics, from securing tenure, to teaching a study abroad course, to building a professional network, and more.

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Free Resources and Articles

The Role of Professional Development for Academics | FreeBook

This FreeBook contains excerpts from Routledge books examining the benefits of continuous professional development for researchers, academics, and lecturers.


11 Tips for Networking at Conferences

In the first in our series on "Broadening Your Professional Network," we explore best practices for connecting with other educators and experts at conferences with advice from author Jenny Grant Rankin.

Challenges in Leadership in Higher Education | FreeBook

This FreeBook contains excerpts from Routledge books on some of the key issues facing Higher Education leadership, including funding, inclusion, change, and the digital future.


Resources for Teaching in Higher Education 2019 | FreeBook

We've pulled together a selection of chapters from some of our top resources for Higher Education Professionals covering everything from teaching study abroad, to how to get tenure, and more.