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Is landscape photography about the land - or the photographer?

Paul Hill, author of Approaching Photography, discusses, from a personal point of view, how and why he photographs the countryside where he lives


Virtual Play Readings: TurtlA Model for Theatre Practioners

Virtual or Recorded Play Readings have become increasingly prevalent with many theatres closed during the coronavirus pandemic. Written for Playwrights, Directors, Actors and the Technical Staff, this user-friendly takes you through the key stages for setting up a Virtual Play Reading. 

Virtual Play Readings: A Model for Theatre Practioners blog

Written by Rob Urbinati, Freelance Director and Playwright, and Director of New Play Development at Queens Theatre, USA

Teaching Photography in the Time of the Pandemic

Written by Mark Chen and Chelsea Shannon, authors of Photography: A 21st Century Practice.


6 Tips for Writing Short Film Scripts That Connect

Written by Claudia Hunter Johnson, award-winning writer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and author of Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect 5e.

About the Book: Archival Storytelling

Fully revised and updated, Archival Storytelling second edition is a timely, pragmatic look at the use of audiovisual materials available to filmmakers and scholars, from the earliest photographs of the 19th century to the work of media makers today. Learn more here.

Guide to Screenwriting for Different Genres (Chapter Sampler)

These chapters have been selected from various books to provide an enlightening read for aspiring or professional screenwriters looking to enhance their skills.

Guide to Strategies for Mastering the Filmmaking Business (Chapter Sampler)

This guide provides insights on financing film and TV projects, crowdsourcing, marketing and distribution.