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three students film a scene The Challenges of Teaching Cinematography

In this blog, Blain Brown, author of Cinematography: Theory and Practice, among others, discusses the challenges of teaching students what constitutes "good lighting", and the tools he has developed to aid his teaching.   

An Introduction to Neurodiversity thumbnail An Introduction to Neurodiversity for the Lighting Designer and Educator

What is neurodiversity? How can lighting designers ensure neurodiversity is considered in their work, and how can educators ensure that neurodiverse students can thrive in their studies?   

Digital Humanities chapter sampler Digital Humanities Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler on Digital Humanities incorporates chapters from some of Routledge's titles in the field. Enter your details to download your free copy.   


5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement thumbnail 5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement by Using Music

Evidence shows that an arts education enhances students' cognitive development. Debbie Tannert explores 5 musical techniques teachers can use to help their students learn. 

Effective Under Pressure thumbnail Effective Under Pressure

How do you help yound actors develop the skills to thrive when performing under stress? Kevin Otos and Kim Shively examine three key tenets of acting that provide acrots with the ability to thrive in a stressful work environment. 

Underserved Communities thumbnail False Dichotomies in Music Practice: "With or Without a Metronome?"

How can you aid your students learning, and help them develop better practice skills, by challenging the assumptions in their questions. In this blog, Mike Titlebaum explores how to help students develop their priorities in practice. 

Underserved Communities thumbnail Underserved Communities Fight the Global Pandemic the Brazilian Way

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly through the peoples of Brazil, communities come together to gith it in the Brazilian Way. Elisa Macdeo Dekaney explores how these communities fought back against the virus. 

An Introduction to Audio Electronics freebook An Introduction to Audio Electronics FreeBook

This FreeBook brings together chapters from across our range of books, providing your students with an introduction to various aspects of audio electronics, and an introduction to some of our key textbooks in the field for Faculty members. 


two robots with a clapperboard Self-Tapes are Here to Stay

There has been an increasing demand for actors to provide self-taped auditions. Peter Allen Stone, author of Acting for the Camera, explores tips and techniques for creating high-quality self-taped auditions.

a school band leader marches Breadcrumbs for the Band Director

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on school music programs. In this blog, author Robin Linaberry looks at how band directors can lead their bands into new post-pandemic success.

a tablet display a parental guidance warning MTV, Censorship and the NSFW Music Video

Brad Osborn, author of Interpreting Music Video, examines the changing nature of censorship in music videos and MTV.  

a man reads a script Inequities of the Accessibility of Historically African American Forms of Dance in Higher Education

Amanda Clark and Sara Pecina, authors of Dance Appreciation, examine the inequity of access to African American dance forms in the US HE system.  

a man reads a script Online Teaching and Auditioning for Musical Theatre: A Primer

Most teachers of acting and musical theatre are now having to address questions specifically related to both teaching and also auditioning via online, web-based video platforms. Joe Deer provides tips on how to succeed. 

a man teaches on a tablet screen The Online Flipped Classroom

Teaching from home through the pandemic has led me to discover the advantages of online flipped-classroom instruction (a classroom strategy in which students prepare new assigned materials before the class meeting, and the actual meeting is devoted to activities like discussion and problem solving).

a microphone against a purple sound-proofed wall If You Can't Mic It! Right Now... You Might Still be Able to Mix It!

During these pandemic related restrictions, you may be doing less miking, and more editing and mixing. Ian Corbett offers some tips and tricks for doing it well.

Advances in Sound Quality for Online Musical Collaborations: An Engineer's Perspective

In a world where we are increasingly using online platforms for rehaersal and performance, Christopher Bennett explores how get the best from your chosen platform.

a man's hand holds a camera at sunset in the countryside Is landscape photography about the land - or the photographer?

Paul Hill, author of Approaching Photography, discusses, from a personal point of view, how and why he photographs the countryside where he lives


a man looks into the camera with his hand close to his face Virtual Play Readings: A Model for Theatre Practioners (Interactive Guide)

Virtual or Recorded Play Readings have become increasingly prevalent with many theatres closed during the coronavirus pandemic. Written for Playwrights, Directors, Actors and the Technical Staff, this user-friendly guide takes you through the key stages for setting up a Virtual Play Reading. 

gold theatre masks on a stage between red curtains Virtual Play Readings: A Model for Theatre Practioners

Written by Rob Urbinati, Freelance Director and Playwright, and Director of New Play Development at Queens Theatre, USA

Teaching Photography in the Time of the Pandemic

Written by Mark Chen and Chelsea Shannon, authors of Photography: A 21st Century Practice.


6 Tips for Writing Short Film Scripts That Connect

Written by Claudia Hunter Johnson, award-winning writer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and author of Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect 5e.

Archival Storytelling About the Book: Archival Storytelling

Fully revised and updated, Archival Storytelling second edition is a timely, pragmatic look at the use of audiovisual materials available to filmmakers and scholars, from the earliest photographs of the 19th century to the work of media makers today. Learn more here.

small yellow book version of the guide on a grey background Guide to Screenwriting for Different Genres (Chapter Sampler)

These chapters have been selected from various books to provide an enlightening read for aspiring or professional screenwriters looking to enhance their skills.

small green book version of the guide on a grey background Guide to Strategies for Mastering the Filmmaking Business (Chapter Sampler)

This guide provides insights on financing film and TV projects, crowdsourcing, marketing and distribution.