Academic Resources for Instructors in the Nordics

Taylor & Francis offer many resources to help support academics in not only their teaching but both research and own professional development too. These materials range from textbooks across the humanities, social sciences, arts, and STEM to free resources such as engaging white papers, FreeBooks and video content.

Free Academic Resources

A curated collection of new and key academic content, which provides you with valuable insight into a topic, a short solution, or helpful tips on a specific subject.

Regional Bestselling Titles

Discover the key titles that are bestsellers within your region.

Highly Adopted Course Titles

Take a look at the titles that are most highly adopted in your region from Taylor & Francis' diverse offering of textbooks from across the humanities, social sciences, arts, science, technology, engineering, and medicine.

Titles from Local Authors

Find Taylor & Francis titles written by local authors in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Student Survival Skills

The Student Survival Skills hub offers everything you need to know to help you with the questions that face all students

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