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For Faculty

As Faculty members you know just how much pressure your students are under. The resources below aim to help you as you support them.

Student WellnessStudent Wellness

As a lecturer, how do you support your students' mental health? Academic staff can play a central role in identifying struggling students and encouraging them to access support. We hope this collection of chapters gives you some helpful advice to better understand a student's mental health and offer coping strategies while they seek professional support.

5 Key Tips for College Student Wellness5 Key Tips for College Student Wellness

This Snapshot will help your students be the best they can be this semester! Ensure that the students on your campus have all the strategies they need to help them succeed, both in their academic and their personal lives.

Understanding Gen Z StudentsUnderstanding Gen Z Students

As Generation Z will continue to make up the core student demographic for the next decade, it's more important than ever for higher education professionals to understand their learning preferences in order to create a more effective and engaging classroom.

8 Strategies to Help Faculty Relax8 Strategies to Help Faculty Relax During Midterms

You repeat the mantra of eat, sleep, study to your students, but how do you take an active role in your own wellbeing? Discover some of our practical tips to keep your sanity and maybe even enjoy yourself during midterms or finals!

Study Skills Infographic PosterStudy Skills Infographic Poster

Our printable infographic poster offers students helpful tips to develop their study skills. Why not download the image for your department noticeboard?