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Open Plus Books - FAQ's

Q. How much does it cost to publish an Open Plus Book?
A. Open Plus Book charges are based on the length, complexity, and number of chapters in the book, as well as the number of figures and tables. Authors are therefore encouraged to discuss their proposed book with their editor as early as possible.

Q. Will I have to sign a contract?
A. The Open Plus book agreement will be between the Publisher and the author.

Q. Who will hold the copyright for my work?
A. Copyright will be held by the author.

Q. Open peer review – how does this work at F1000Research?
A. There are tangible benefits to open peer review, both to you as a researcher and to you as a peer-reviewer. As a researcher, having your work reviewed openly means creating a more collaborative and constructive approach which should ultimately improve your publication. It can also save you time since you will be in direct dialogue with your reviewer/s.

As a reviewer, the same is also true – an open and honest dialogue is usually more constructive. Furthermore, the benefits can be significant since peer review reports are independently citable, maximizing your visibility and making your work more discoverable.

In both cases, more than harming your reputation, open peer review gives you a chance to enhance it.

Q. What licence will my work be published under?
A.    OA content will be published under a CC-BY licence. We may be able to offer other license types based on author and funder needs. Learn more about the creative commons options available to you, take a look at our page

Q. Do we still get royalties?
A.   Yes, royalties will be payable on sales of print copies. However, royalties will not be payable on the eBook as this will be available on an OA basis.