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Stages of an Open Plus Book

Open Plus Books - a new concept in book publishing

Much of the publishing process for an Open Plus Book is like publishing any other book with Routledge or CRC Press, from submitting your proposal to delivering your manuscript. See below for detail about the full end-to-end publishing process for an Open Plus Book:

1. Submit Proposal

Your book proposal should contain the same information as any other book proposal sent to Routledge or CRC Press. See here for details of our requirements. Select the appropriate Editor from the list on our website who will be experienced in your subject area and then submit proposal. Ensure that you let them know that it is your intention to publish your book as an Open Plus Book.

2. Internal Editorial Assessment:

The Editor will assess the strengths of your proposal and how well it fits with the subject list.

3. Initial peer review:

Your proposal will be sent out for initial peer review to at least two referees (4-6 weeks).

4. Discuss Reviews:

Potentially revise and resubmit proposal based on reviewer feedback and discussions with your Editor.

5. Editorial Board Meeting:

If approved for publication by the Editorial Board, the contract terms are determined.

6. Sign Contract:

You will be issued with a contract specifically designed for Open Plus Books. Key parts of the contract include length, royalties, copyright, and the delivery date, which you will have agreed in advance with your Editor.

7. Writing Phase:

Your Editor will send you detailed guidelines on formatting, image specs, permissions etc. Your Editor can offer support as needed throughout the writing process.

8. Manuscript Delivery:

Submit your final manuscript, working with an Editorial Assistant on formatting and permissions queries. When the final manuscript has been submitted and accepted, you will be expected to pay the publication charges. Discover more about funding your project here.

9. F1000 Production:

F1000 Team will check typescript meets ethical, editorial and data policies and will request that any underlying data is submitted. Each chapter will have a DOI assigned and is then uploaded onto the F1000 platform in as few as 14 days. Peer reviewers are invited to read and review the work.

10. Peer Review:

If you have chosen the Open Plus Books+ option, chapters are reviewed openly on F1000 platform. This is done in accordance with our policies and can be updated by author(s) in response to comments. All reviews are moderated. Once a chapter has received two Approved Status reviews, chapters will be sent to bibliographic indexers.

11. Book Prepared for Print Production:

When you have made any revisions and updates and are happy to proceed, the manuscript will transition to Books Production colleagues. Production will add the frontmatter (such as a table of contents), paginate it, create an index, finalise the cover, and prepare the final manuscript for print.

12. Book Publishes:

Congratulations, your book is now available in print and as Open Access on the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform and other online repositories such as Google Scholar, DOAB and OAPEN. Our global sales and marketing team will work with retailers, universities, and other aggregators to ensure your print book is promoted and sold to the appropriate target audience.

13. Book Continues to Evolve:

Chapters remain on the F1000 Platform where they can be updated; additional chapters can be also added by the author. Reviews and comments can be submitted from the research community via a moderator. All amendments and additional chapters can be included in a new edition of the print book, at your request.