Publishing Open Access Books: Publication Charges

Q. What are the publication charges for Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles?
Prices for a full monograph start from £10,000 / €12,000 / $12,500 (USD), plus applicable taxes, and from £5,000 / €6,000 / $6,250 (USD) to publish a short-form book open access (books between 25-50,000 words).
Prices for individual chapters start from £1,250 /  €1,500 / $1,563 (USD), plus tax.

Authors also have the option to publish in various book formats, from monographs and handbooks, to textbooks, professional titles, and short-form titles. For more information, please get in contact with the applicable subject editor more information. Editorial contacts can be found at

Q. When would this need to be paid?
At Any point up until the final manuscript is submitted to Taylor & Francis for production, unless otherwise agreed.

Q. Can a published book or chapter be converted to gold open access after publication?
Yes it can! If your work has already been published by Taylor & Francis, then there is no need for the work to go through a second peer review process to convert your content to open access as there will be no changes or additions to the content for the open access version.

It involves the payment of a book processing charge (BPC), the copyright of the work being signed over to the authors and selecting a Creative Commons licence to protect the work. 

If you wish to convert a published book to open access, we apply a tiered pricing system that is linked to the publication date of the work, BPC details can be found below:

Full Book
12 - 24 months post-publication | 30% Discount
24 - 36 months post-publication | 50% Discount
36 months + post-publication | 70% Discount

12 - 24 months post-publication | 30% Discount
24 - 36 months post-publication | 50% Discount
36 months + post-publication | 70% Discount

For more information, view our Retrospective Open Access page

Q. What would this charge cover and how has it been calculated?  
Taylor & Francis open access book titles benefit from the same high standards of professionalism and expertise as our non-open access titles. The book processing charge (BPC) supports the many costs associated with publishing a book including editorial services, peer review, copyediting, typesetting, e-book conversion and dissemination, as well as ongoing marketing, sales and editorial support.  Our open access books follow the same workflows as our non- open access books, therefore, many of these costs are shared.   

Most importantly, the BPC enables researchers to discover the work and not be barred by subscription fees or download costs. This equalises the research landscape and enables collaboration as it means that both independent researchers and those affiliated with different institutions can access your work. They are not dependent on the subscriptions that the institutions pay for, or one party paying to access research that may not be relevant. 

We believe in the long-term preservation of our open access books, and enable this through a range of third parties including Portico and depositing our books and chapters in the Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN) online library to enhance the discoverability of our open access content.  The BPC covers the cost of the hosting of your content and continually making it discoverable. This includes technological and format updates to ensure your work can be read for years to come. 

We still provide print copies of our open access books and royalties will still be payable on any print sales (if applicable).  

Our BPC pricing is reviewed regularly and varies based on several factors, including:  

  • The text type and word count: our costs are dependent on the length of the book. Our short form Focus titles (books between 25-50k words) are priced at the lower range with pricing increasing for monographs, textbooks, and handbooks. Textbooks and references mean different things to different book authors and editors, so please see our product, customer and reader guidelines for more information. 
  • Discipline: we also set BPCs based on the costs associated with producing book titles within different subject fields. For example, our STEM titles will often have more complex figures and specialist production requirements, compared to book titles within the Humanities.
  • Funder demographics: funders based in low or lower-middle income economies typically also receive discounts on our BPCs.  

Contact your Commissioning Editor if you would like more information about pricing.

Q. Are any discounts or waivers available on the OA fees?
Taylor & Francis is committed to bringing research by scholars in emerging nations to the attention of the global academic community. We also want to make the option to publish open access available to as many researchers as possible. To help achieve this we offer discounts on BPCs normally required to publish in the Taylor & Francis Books Open Access programme for funders based in countries defined by the World Bank as ‘Low -Income Economies’ or ‘Lower-Middle -Income Economies’. Contact your editor for more details

Many customers do not pay the list price BPC, since they benefit from: 

  • Discounts of 50% for BPC funders based in ‘lower middle income’ countries, and 75% if the funder is based in a ‘low income’ country (as defined by the World Bank country income levels) 
  • Discounts due to organizations participating in a Taylor & Francis Open Access Books Membership scheme.  Please see our Open Access Books Membership page for further details. 

Q. What if the authors change their mind or the open access funding falls through before submission?
Taylor & Francis would discuss the best available options with the relevant author(s) but would be most likely to proceed with the book in the normal way for a non-open access title.