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Publishing Open Access Books: Publication Charges

Q. What are the publication charges for Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles?
Prices for a full monograph start from £10,000 / $13,000, plus applicable taxes. Prices for individual chapters start from £1,250 / $1,625 plus tax.
Authors also have the option to publish in various book formats. For more information, please get in contact with the applicable subject editor more information. Editorial contacts can be found at

Q. When would this need to be paid?
When the final manuscript is submitted to Taylor & Francis, unless otherwise agreed.

Q. Can a published book or chapter be converted to gold open access after publication?
Yes it can! If your work has already been published by Taylor & Francis, then there is no need for the work to go through a second peer review process to convert your content to open access as there will be no changes or additions to the content for the open access version.

It involves the payment of a book processing charge (BPC), the copyright of the work being signed over to the authors and selecting a Creative Commons licence to protect the work. 

We apply a tiered discount system that is linked to the publication date of the work, details can be found below:

Full Book
Delayed OA | 12 - 24 months | 30% Discount
Delayed OA | 24 - 36 months | 50% Discount
Delayed OA | 36 months + | 70% Discount

Delayed OA | 12 - 24 months | 30% Discount
Delayed OA | 24 - 36 months | 50% Discount
Delayed OA | 36 months + | 70% Discount

For more information, view our Retrospective Open Access page

Q. What would this charge cover?
Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles benefit from the usual high standards of professionalism and expertise as our non-OA titles and receive the same editorial guidance, peer review, production values, sales and marketing support and global distribution. 

Q. How has the charge been calculated?
We have calculated the OA charge based on the revenue we would usually receive to cover the typical costs involved in the publishing process including editorial, production, marketing, sales, IT and distribution.

Q. Are any discounts or waivers available on the OA fees?
Taylor & Francis is committed to bringing research by scholars in emerging nations to the attention of the global academic community. We also want to make the option to publish open access available to as many researchers as possible. To help achieve this we offer waivers and discounts on the Book Publishing Charges (BPCs) normally required to publish in the Taylor & Francis Books Open Access programme for authors with primary affiliations based in countries defined by the World Bank as ‘Low-Income Economies’ or ‘Lower-Middle-Income Economies’. Contact your editor for more details.

Q. What if the authors change their mind or the open access funding falls through before submission?
Taylor & Francis would discuss the best available options with the relevant author(s) but would be most likely to proceed with the book in the normal way for a non-OA title.