Publishing Open Access Books: Chapters

Options for Open Access Book Chapters

At Taylor & Francis we aim to offer authors choice in their route to publishing, and that includes when and how they choose to publish open access (OA) with us.

We offer two options for authors or contributors to make individual book chapters available open access. Whilst there are many different definitions of open access, these options correspond to what is normally referred to as ‘gold’ or ‘green’ open access.

The two options for OA book chapters are as follows:

1) Author pays for immediate open access. (The ‘Gold’ OA) model).

Gold open access means that the final published version of the author’s chapter is permanently and freely available online for anyone, anywhere, to read.

We are committed to being flexible on the specifics of the Creative Commons license for your OA chapter and we are able to be adaptable to the prefered license types based on funder and author needs. You still retain intellectual copyright of your work whichever license is agreed.

Taylor & Francis Books Open Access chapters are published under a Creative Commons license. Our default license is CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs). Under this license, others may download your work and share it as long as they credit you, but they can't change it in any way or use it commercially. The license also allows for text- and data-mining of your works.

Chapters from all research-level books that fit our standard publishing model for specialist scholarly works are eligible for gold open access. Research-level books can be single- or co-authored books and edited collections.

We will make the published book chapter available open access on the website. Making your chapter Open Access can be arranged with the relevant T&F editor either in advance of publication or retrospectively after publication.

The publishing charge for each chapter made available for immediate open access is from £1,250/$1,625. Many funders and institutions cover this charge on behalf of researchers, provided that material is published under a Creative Commons license, which we offer to authors choosing this option.

2) Archiving of a chapter on a website or in a repository. (The ‘Green’ OA Model).

Green open access refers to self-archiving of a chapter and often applies to earlier versions of the chapter.

Chapters from all Taylor & Francis books are eligible for green open access.

Each individual author or contributor can also choose to upload one chapter from the ‘Accepted Manuscript’ (AM). An AM is typically the post-contract but pre-production (i.e. not copy –edited, proofread or typeset) Word Document/PDF of the chapter. Authors may upload the AM chapter to a personal or departmental website immediately after publication of the book - this includes posting to Facebook, Google groups, and LinkedIn, and linking from Twitter. Authors can also post the AM book chapter to an institutional or subject repository or to academic social networks like Mendeley, ResearchGate, or after an embargo period of 18 months for Humanities and Social Sciences books or 12 months for STEM books.

Authors may not post the final published book chapter to any site, unless it has been published as gold open access on our website.

To encourage citation of an author’s work we recommend that authors insert a link from their posted AM to the published book on the Taylor & Francis website with the following text: "This is an Accepted Manuscript of a book chapter published by Routledge/CRC Press in [BOOK TITLE] on [date of publication], available online:[BOOK ISBN URL] or "[BOOK ISBN URL]”