1st Edition

pH Responsive Membranes Biomedical Applications

    103 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides an application-oriented approach for pH responsive membranes and types of stimuli-responsive membranes and their applications in the biomedical field including initial development and recent use. It explains types, modes, and modification methods of membranes, along with membrane usage in applications such as drug delivery, hemodialysis, chemical sensing, and so forth. pH Responsive Membranes: Biomedical Applications explores recent research carried out in the area as well as the future outlook, and provides deeper insight for readers on the subject, ranging from the basics to advanced levels on the topic.


    • Describes preparation, characterization, and applications of pH responsive membranes in biomedical applications
    • Introduces theoretical understanding of pH responsiveness
    • Covers development of advanced techniques regarding pH responsive membranes
    • Provides insight into development of new materials and membranes
    • Discusses advancements in drug delivery, hemodialysis, antibodies and enzyme production, chemical sensing, and selective ionic transport using pH responsive membranes

    This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers involved in membrane and chemical engineering/polymer exploration, and medical researchers.

    1. Introduction to Responsive Membranes. 2. pH Responsive Membranes: Theoretical Concepts. 3. pH Responsive Membrane Types, Modes, and Methods of Modifications. 4. Materials and Synthesis of pH Responsive Membranes. 5. Biomedical Applications of pH Responsive Membranes. 6. Recent Trend and Future Prospects.


    Randeep Singh, Piyal Mondal, Mihir Kumar Purkait