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Building Research and Information

Series Editor:

BUILDING RESEARCH & INFORMATION (BRI) is a leading international refereed journal focussed on buildings and their supporting systems. Unique to BRI is a focus on a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to buildings and the complexity of issues involving the built environment with other systems over the course of their life. In order to build upon the messages of the Journal, Earthscan from Routledge is launching a new book series under the same editorship of Richard Lorch. The book series shares similar aims and scope to the Journal but will allow for an even deeper discussion around the issues raised, together with more practical material.

In particular the new series is looking to explore the linkages between the built, natural, social and economic environments, with an emphasis on the interactions between theory, policy and practice. Also impacts on ecologies, resources (water, energy, air, materials, building stocks, etc.), sustainable development (social, economic, environmental and natural capitals) and climate change (mitigation and adaptation) will be in scope. As with the Journal the performance, impacts, assessment, contributions, improvement and value of buildings, building stocks and related systems will also be included.

New interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches need an international forum for information and discussion. BRI has followed this evolution and this new book series will aim to reflect that same breadth of subject matter and contributions. We will also strive for the same levels of editorial innovation and feedback that have made the Journal so popular.

If you wish to contribute to the series then contact either the series Editor , Richard Lorch at [email protected] or the Commissioning Editor, Ed Needle [email protected] with a short note about your ideas.