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Minorities in Architecture

The new Minorities in Architecture series brings to light research from across the globe by and about underrepresented architects to present leading perspectives on a diverse range of topics. Against the background of race, ethnicity and gender, and the intersections between them, it provides the reader with the latest scholarship in the field of architecture. Areas covered include history, theory, monographs of individual architects, evidence-based case studies, materials and details.

By making these studies available to the worldwide academic community, the series aims to promote quality architectural research from multiple voices.

  • Julian Abele

    Architect and the Beaux Arts, 1st Edition

    By Dreck Spurlock Wilson

    Julian Abele, Architect and the Beaux Arts uncovers the life of one of the first beaux arts trained African American architects. Overcoming racial segregation at the beginning of the twentieth century, Abele received his architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania in…

    Hardback – 2019-01-31
    Minorities in Architecture