Pre-Production Primer for Theatre FreeBook

This FreeBook compiles key chapters from The Art and Practice of Directing for Theatre, The Production Manager's Toolkit, The Stage Manager's Toolkit, and The Technical Director's Toolkit. These chapters provide introductory information, helpful tips, diagrams and templates across topics such as: technical direction, production management, rights and permissions, rehearsal schedules, and more.

Pre-Production Primer for TheatreIn the following FreeBook you will find four chapters that focus on different aspects of Pre-Production and Theatre. We hope that these chapters will provide you with a taste of the breadth and depth of our publishing in the field.

Our first chapter is from The Art and Practice of Directing for Theatre by Paul B. Crook, who is a Professor of Theatre at Louisiana Tech University. From this title we have included Chapter 2, "Skills Directors Need". In this chapter Professor Crook emphasizes three key skills that a director needs: Communication, Respect for others, and being Open-Minded. The second chapter is from The Production Manager's Toolkit written by Cary Gillett and Jay Sheehan. From this title we have selected Chapter 4, "Planning and Scheduling". Indeed, a key part of the Production Manager's role is within the elements of planning and scheduling. This chapter will help you through the steps of planning a single show/event or a whole season. Elements within this chapter include potential venues, scripts/project analysis, rights and permissions, and creating show treatments and various kinds of schedules (from rehearsal to strike). The third chapter is from The Stage Manager's Toolkit, 2nd Edition by Laurie Kincman. From this title we have selected Chapter 3, "Pre-Production". This chapter gives practical advice on all aspects on pre-production for the stage manager. Whether you need to set up an auditions checklist or formatting a contact sheet, this chapter will provide you with the templates you need. Finally, the fourth chapter is from The Technical Director's Toolkit by Zachary Stribling and Richard Girtain. From this title you will find its first chapter,"Communication,Collaboration, and Flexibility: The Mores of Success". Here they lay out the three-pronged 'stool' of being a successful Technical Director. Sections within outline the varying responsibilities, advice on leadership,and a proposed method of problem solving.

Three of the four chapters are taken from The Focal Press Toolkit Series, including The Production Manager's Toolkit, The Stage Manager's Toolkit, and The Technical Director's Toolkit. This series offers all the 'insider secrets', paperwork, and day-to-day details that you could ever need for your chosen profession or specialty. Written to cover a variety of levels within each profession, these books provide you with a one-stop-shop to ensure a smooth production process.

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