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  • Philosophy Research Now in Paperback

    Our Paperback Direct programme provides the best of our in-depth hardback research in a paperback format and price, making the content even more accessible. Discover the latest treatment of topics in Philosophy and buy a copy for your own personal use.

  • Philosophy Collection 2017

    This collection showcases our new and recent books in Philosophy. Click on any of the titles below for more information and to order.

  • Browse Our Latest Routledge Handbooks and Companions

    Providing a cutting-edge overview of classic research, current research and future trends, Routledge Handbooks and Companions cover a wide variety of subjects within Social Sciences, Humanities, Education and Built Environment.

  • Routledge Classics

    Drawing on a fantastic heritage of innovative writing published by Routledge and its associated imprints, the Routledge Classics series includes over 200 of the most important works of modern times from across the full spectrum of human enquiry.

    We are pleased to be launching three new titles in April 2017: Lawrence Stone's The Causes of the English Revolution 1529-1642, Derek Attridges The Singularity of Literature and Marshall Sahlin's Stone Age Economics.

    Browse the latest titles and bespoke collections below, and discover the full series collection: Routledge Classics Book Series.

  • Routledge Philosophy Research Cutting-Edge Studies and Edited Collections

    Welcome to the Routledge Philosophy Research online Collections. We hope you find this new format easy to use – there are a number of new functions which should help you while browsing.

    Using this collection you can:
    • save books to your book list and email to friends or colleagues or save as a spreadsheet for your reference
    • bring up the full details for every book, including blurbs, tables of contents, author bios and reviews
    • preview titles using the view inside function for many of our books
    • recommend books to your librarian using the online forms.

    This collection represents a small selection of our recent, key and forthcoming titles. To see our full range of titles, visit