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  • Mathematics and the Medieval Ancestry of Physics book cover

    Mathematics and the Medieval Ancestry of Physics

    1st Edition

    By George Molland

    The central theme of this volume lies in the medieval consciousness of mathematics, and the variety of strategies adopted to apply it in other areas, notably natural philosophy. In diachromic terms, Dr Molland considers ways in which ancient mathematics (particularly geometry) was assimilated in…

    Hardback – 1995-04-13
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Plato’s Third Eye: Studies in Marsilio Ficino’s Metaphysics and its Sources book cover

    Plato’s Third Eye

    Studies in Marsilio Ficino’s Metaphysics and its Sources, 1st Edition

    By Michael J.B. Allen

    Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) was one of the luminaries of the Florentine Renaissance and the scholar responsible for the revival of Platonism. The translator and interpreter of the works of both Plato and Plotinus as well as of various Hermetic and Neoplatonic texts, Ficino was also a musician,…

    Hardback – 1995-04-06
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Language and Learning in Renaissance Italy: Selected Articles book cover

    Language and Learning in Renaissance Italy

    Selected Articles, 1st Edition

    By John Monfasani

    Language was the Italian humanists’ stock-in-trade, rhetoric their core discipline. In this volume Professor Monfasani collects together his most important articles on these subjects. One group of these, including two review essays, focuses specifically on the humanist Lorenzo Valla and on his…

    Hardback – 1994-11-03
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Aquinas on Mind book cover

    Aquinas on Mind

    1st Edition

    By Sir Anthony Kenny, Anthony Kenny

    This book shows how the mature writings of Thomas Aquinas though written in the thirteenth century have much to offer the human mind and the relationship between intellect and will, body and soul.…

    Paperback – 1994-09-01
    Topics in Medieval Philosophy

  • Robert Grosseteste, Exegete and Philosopher book cover

    Robert Grosseteste, Exegete and Philosopher

    1st Edition

    By James McEvoy

    Robert Grosseteste was one of the most eminent and universal scholars of his time. At his death, in 1253, as Bishop of Lincoln, he left behind him a literary heritage, which contemporary scholarship is still trying to come fully to terms with. This volume offers a series of studies concerning…

    Hardback – 1994-06-30
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Optics, Astronomy and Logic: Studies in Arabic Science and Philosophy book cover

    Optics, Astronomy and Logic

    Studies in Arabic Science and Philosophy, 1st Edition

    By A.I. Sabra

    Running through the articles in this volume is the theme of the appropriation and subsequent naturalization of Greek science by scholars in the world of medieval Islam. The opening paper presents the historiography of this process, and the focus is then placed on Ibn al-Haytham, one of the most…

    Hardback – 1994-04-14
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • ‘Artes’ and Bible in the Medieval West book cover

    ‘Artes’ and Bible in the Medieval West

    1st Edition

    By Margaret Gibson

    The articles in this volume fall into two main groups, the one dealing with secular learning and especially grammar and logic, the other with biblical scholarship, while the final articles look at the work of particular scholars. Margaret Gibson, however, would see them all as closely interrelated…

    Hardback – 1993-04-22
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Later Medieval Philosophy book cover

    Later Medieval Philosophy

    1st Edition

    By John Marenbon

    First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 1991-12-12

  • Galileo, the Jesuits, and the Medieval Aristotle book cover

    Galileo, the Jesuits, and the Medieval Aristotle

    1st Edition

    By William A. Wallace

    The conventional opposition of scholastic Aristotelianism and humanistic science has been increasingly questioned in recent years, and in these articles William Wallace aims to demonstrate that a progressive Aristotelianism in fact provided the foundation for Galileo's scientific discoveries. The…

    Hardback – 1991-10-27
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Saint Bonaventure: Études sur les Sources de sa Pensée book cover

    Saint Bonaventure

    Études sur les Sources de sa Pensée, 1st Edition

    By Jacques Guy Bougerol

    In the history of Christian thought, St Bonaventure stands out as the pre-eminent Franciscan philosopher of the 13th century and as a key figure in the development of the spiritual theology of the Church. The four studies which constitute this volume present detailed investigations into some of the…

    Hardback – 1989-09-30
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Through Language to Reality: Studies on Medieval Semantics and Metaphysics book cover

    Through Language to Reality

    Studies on Medieval Semantics and Metaphysics, 1st Edition

    By L. M. de Rijk, E. P. Bos

    Professor de Rijk’s interest here is in the views on reality put forward by the medieval thinkers from Boethius to William of Ockham, but especially in the 12th-14th centuries, the period from Abelard onwards.Theology was naturally a key influence, but sematic theories - the philosophical theories…

    Hardback – 1989-09-28
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Reappraisals in Renaissance Thought book cover

    Reappraisals in Renaissance Thought

    1st Edition

    By Charles B. Schmitt, Charles Webster

    This third collection of Charles Schmitt’s articles complements the previous two and consists largely of studies published in the last few years of his life. It therefore contains his mature reflections on central issues in the fields of Renaissance philosophy and science, as well as important new…

    Hardback – 1989-01-28
    Variorum Collected Studies

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