Philosophy: Book Series

Little Debates about Big Questions

Series Editor:

Philosophy asks questions, even when we think we already have all the answers. But some questions about the fundamental nature of reality, our place in the world, and what we should or should not do are perennial. They have not been definitively answered and perhaps never will be. They continue to puzzle and perplex us, regardless of how many other questions we’ve answered.

Each book in this series includes two professors presenting opposite answers to a single Big Question in opening statements, and then engaging with each other in a lively exchange of objections and replies. Pedagogical features include standard form arguments, summaries and annotated reading lists. Friendly, short, and accessible to students or anyone who has pondered over a Big Question, each volume showcases diverse and deep answers to the question, and the enduring significance of philosophical debate.

Some of The Big Questions

  • What Do We Owe Animals?: A Debate (Bob Fischer vs Anja Jauernig);
  • Should We Fear Death?: A Debate (Daniel Rubio vs Tatjana von Solodkoff);
  • Do We Have Free Will?: A Debate (Robert Kane vs Carolina Sartorio);
  • Is There a God?: A Debate (Graham Oppy vs Kenneth Pearce);
  • What Makes Life Meaningful?: A Debate (Thaddeus Metz vs Joshua Seachris);
  • Are We Made of Matter?: A Debate (Eric Olson vs Aaron Segal);
  • Can We Know Anything?: A Debate (Bryan Frances vs Michael Huemer);
  • Morality or Moralities?: A Debate (Helen De Cruz vs Johan De Smedt);
  • Is There a Self in Buddhist Philosophy: A Debate (Bronwyn Finnigan vs Koji Tanaka);
  • Do Governments Have Any Real Authority?: A Debate (Michael Huemer vs Daniel Layman);
  • Character or Consequences?: A Debate (JLA Garcia vs. Alastair Norcross)
  • What Are Fictional Characters?: A Debate (Samuel Lebens vs. Tatjana von Solodkoff)