Author Q&A Session: Guy Adams, Danny Balfour

Authors of Unmasking Administrative Evil, Guy Adams, and Danny Balfour, discuss their title and highlight what is new to the 4th edition.

Author Q&A | Guy Adams and Danny Balfour

What is new to the 4th edition?

We updated and revised with new scholarship on administrative ethics, evil, and contemporary politics; added new cases on the dangers of market based governance, contracting out, and deregulation; enhanced our focus on the potential for administrative evil in the private sector; developed a new analysis of the early 21st century as “Praetorian Times” and the prospects for ethical administration; and provided a new Afterword on administrative approaches to the aftermath of evil; the potential for expiation, healing, and reparations.

Who is your intended audience for this book and how have you met the needs of this market?

Our audience includes students, practitioners and academics in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

What will student and lecturers be able to take away from your book?

Students and teachers will find historical and critical perspectives on ethics often missing from management and ethics textbooks.

What makes your book so unique to others in the field?

It gets beyond what is often taken for granted in organizations and professional practice and encourages readers to examine their assumptions about ethical behavior.

What findings in writing/researching the book surprised you?

We are disappointed, but not terribly surprised, by the normalization of corruption found in so many contemporary organizations, making it all the more difficult to perceive the ongoing potential for administrative evil.

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