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  • Strategic Survey 2008 book cover

    Strategic Survey 2008

    108th Edition

    Edited by IISS

    The Strategic Survey is a journal of records that includes all relevant names and titles, chronologies and dates. But it is also much more: the hard facts are embossed in considered and nuanced analysis over 300 pages of text. The Strategic Survey opens with 'Perspectives', an assessment of the…

    Paperback – 2008-09-11
    Strategic Survey

  • Advances in Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures book cover

    Advances in Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures

    1st Edition

    Edited by Ronald J. Kendall, Steven M. Presley, Galen P. Austin, Philip N. Smith

    Biological and chemical weapons are a growing terrorist threat to the United States and other nations and countermeasures continue to evolve as a national and global priority issue. To keep up with this rapidly changing and vital field we must establish the current state-of-the-science on…

    Hardback – 2008-05-15
    CRC Press

  • The Military Balance 2008 book cover

    The Military Balance 2008

    108th Edition

    The Military Balance is The International Institute for Strategic Studies’ annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 170 countries worldwide. It is an essential resource for those involved in security policymaking, analysis and research. The book is a region-by-region…

    Paperback – 2008-02-04
    The Military Balance

  • Terrorism, Rights and the Rule of Law book cover

    Terrorism, Rights and the Rule of Law

    1st Edition

    By Barry Vaughan, Shane Kilcommins

    The rule of law is becoming a victim of the struggle against terrorism. Many countries are reviewing their security procedures and questioning whether due process rights hinder them in the war on terror. There is increasing emphasis on preventive detention or strategies of disablement that cut into…

    Paperback – 2007-12-01

  • Fire Protection: Systems and Response book cover

    Fire Protection

    Systems and Response, 1st Edition

    By Robert Burke

    The modern definition of firefighter no longer means “putting the wet stuff on the red stuff.” Emergency responders answer incidents ranging from fire alarm activations to elevator rescues and medical emergencies more often than full-blown fires. Consequently, responders increasingly interface with…

    Hardback – 2007-11-06
    CRC Press

  • The Navy of World War II, 1922-1947 book cover

    The Navy of World War II, 1922-1947

    1st Edition

    By Paul Silverstone

    The Navy of World War II, 1922-1946 comprehensively covers the vessels that defined this momentous 24-year period in U.S. naval history. Beginning with the lean, pared-down navy created by the treaty at the Washington Naval Conference, and ending with the massive, awe-inspiring fleets that led the…

    Hardback – 2007-10-22
    The U.S. Navy Warship Series

  • Terrorism Today book cover

    Terrorism Today

    2nd Edition

    By Christopher C. Harmon

    The new edition of this best-selling insight into terrorism today has been fully updated and revised to include what the author terms the new ‘militant Moslem international.’ Drawing directly on the words and ideas of terrorists themselves, this book is an examination of patterns, current trends…

    Paperback – 2007-10-18
    Political Violence

  • Walls That Remain: Eastern and Western Germans Since Reunification book cover

    Walls That Remain

    Eastern and Western Germans Since Reunification, 1st Edition

    By John Rodden

    The Walls That Remain explores the trauma of German reunification in 1990 as it affected ordinary Eastern and Western Germans. Told mainly in their own words, this book features the voices of those Germans who have suffered as well as profited from the transformations in German society since the…

    Hardback – 2007-02-15

  • Survey of Arab-Israeli Relations book cover

    Survey of Arab-Israeli Relations

    3rd Edition

    Impartial documentation and background information fundamental to the understanding of Arab-Israeli relations. The third edition of this valuable reference source brings together a unique collection of information on this troubled area of the Middle East. The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of the…

    Hardback – 2006-12-07

  • The New Navy, 1883-1922 book cover

    The New Navy, 1883-1922

    1st Edition

    By Paul Silverstone

    The third volume of The U.S. Navy Warship Series covers the fifty-year period from 1883-1922. In 1883, Congress authorized the first ships of the "New Navy" and ordered removal of all obsolete ships. All US Navy ships since that time have stemmed from these first three cruisers. The numbering…

    Hardback – 2006-11-16
    The U.S. Navy Warship Series

  • Civil War Navies, 1855-1883 book cover

    Civil War Navies, 1855-1883

    1st Edition

    By Paul Silverstone

    Civil War Navies 1855-1883 is the second in the five-volume US Navy Warships encyclopedia set. This valuable reference lists the ships of the U.S. Navy and Confederate Navy during the Civil War and the years immediately following - a significant period in the evolution of warships, the use of…

    Hardback – 2006-10-20
    The U.S. Navy Warship Series

  • The Sailing Navy, 1775-1854 book cover

    The Sailing Navy, 1775-1854

    1st Edition

    By Paul Silverstone

    The Sailing Navy, 1775-1854, the first volume in the definitive five-volume U.S. Navy Warship series, comprehensively details all aspects of the ships that sailed in the nascent stages of the U.S. Navy. From its beginnings as battlers of Barbary Coast pirates, to challenging the awesome might of…

    Hardback – 2006-10-17
    The U.S. Navy Warship Series

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