Classics of Comparative Policy Analysis

The Classics of Policy Analysis is a collection of the most representative articles in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (JCPA) on its 20th anniversary.The JCPA has "pioneered the domain of comparative policy analysis" studies since 1998 and is still the only journal explicitly devoted to promoting comparative policy studies.The articles published in the JCPA have become classics of the field of comparative policy analytic studies, and have established it as a distinctive field of study since (Thomson Reuters 2008; Radin 2013: Geva-May, Hoffman and Muhleisen 2018). The papers published over the last two decades in JCPA are explicitly comparative and could be viewed as cornerstones of comparative public policy analysis theory, methodology, policy inter-disciplinarity, and inter-regional scholarship. Contributors include founders of the field of policy analysis, comparative politics and comparative public administration and management from which comparative policy analysis has derived: Peter deLeon, Duncan McRae, Laurence E. Lynn, B. Guy Peters, Beryl Radin, David Weimer, Frans Van Nispen, Yukio Adachi, as well as second and third generation policy analysis scholars who have set high scholarship bars in advancing the field.