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Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture FreeBook

Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture FreeBook

This FreeBook highlights some of the major findings that have emerged over the last decade of the STEPS Centre’s research on sustainable agriculture.

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Sustainable Diets from Sustainable Food Systems

Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture FreeBook

In this exclusive blog post, Pamela Mason and Tim Lang, authors of Sustainable Diets: How Ecological Nutrition Can Transform consumption and the Food System argue for the need to address the huge problems within the food system by shifting what we eat.

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Sustainability at Work

Marilyn Waite, author of Sustainability at Work: Careers that make a difference

Marilyn Waite, author of  Sustainability at Work: Careers that make a difference has written three articles that will help everyone who wants to have both a successful career and a career that makes a positive difference in society.

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Sustainable Tourism

Megan explains in her new book why rapid global tourism development requires new educational, business, policy and environmental solutions. Here she answers our questions about issues surrounding her book.  Read Megan Epler Wood interview

Sustainability Debate

Prosperity without Growth: Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow, 2nd EditionProsperity without Growth 2e by Tim Jackson. 

What can prosperity possibly mean in a world of environmental and social limits? Tim Jackson brings his landmark book up to date exploring both the philosophical basis for a lasting prosperity and the conceptual foundations for the economy of tomorrow. Find out more about the new edition here

Sustainability FreeBook

Climate Change Research FreeBook Climate Change Research is at the heart of the Sustainability debate. 

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Sustainability Teaching

Routledge Sustainability HubThe latest textbooks and teaching resources. Visit the sustainability hub 

Pathways to Sustainability 

Addressing core challenges around linking science and technology and environmental sustainability with poverty reduction and social justice this series is based on the work of the Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability (STEPS) Centre, a major investment of the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 

The STEPS Centre brings together researchers at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research) at the University of Sussex with a set of partner institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. View Books