​The message about women leaders is causing a stir!

Are women naturally better leaders for the 21st century and how do we develop different talents to provide the best leaders for organizations throughout the world? 

Author of our newest leadership White Paper Greg Young responds to the debate it's stirred.

Women, Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century,’ is the second in a series of white papers looking at aspects of Transpersonal Leadership and was released just a few weeks ago. It has already been downloaded thousands of times around the world. You can get your copy here.

Though it did not set out to be a provocative topic, it is proving to be fueling a powerful debate, perhaps because of timing with women leaders becoming more prominent on the world stage and perhaps because the movement for gender equality in leadership of organizations is making its presence felt.

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The paper sets out how the challenges facing organizational leaders are changing and will continue to shift in the coming years, and the attributes leaders will need to successfully ride the wave of those changes. Central to the paper are data generated using LEIPA (Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator) a 360° coaching tool that compares desired against observed behaviors for all 19 Emotional Intelligence capabilities. It shows that although potentially held back by lower self-confidence, women fared better in 15 of the 19 capabilities which include those identified as being required by 21st century leaders. As backed up by neuroscience, EI capabilities may be improved by applying focus and practice to establish relevant new behaviors, so irrespective of gender those wanting to be the best leaders in the 21st century can adapt by working on those capabilities where they are less naturally strong. The paper continues to suggest how organizational OD policy might be reviewed in light of these results.

Distribution of the paper has provoked a good amount of unsolicited response indicating a polarized reception both for and against the paper. A brief analysis of the current respondents shows that all but one of the unfavorable responses have been from men, whilst all those in favor have been from women. Surely, therein lays an uncomfortable truth that for women, this paper resonates with their own experience and the challenges encountered in building organizational careers, whilst for men these are not acknowledged and men and women should continue to compete on a playing field that has been shaped by men for centuries.

This is not a paper that advocates a move away from meritocracy, but it does suggest that we need to review what ‘the best man for the job’ might look like. That review needs to be started by today’s current, mostly male leaders who need to be transpersonal in setting their own egos aside for the benefit of their organisation’s purpose. As the paper states; ‘The best leaders are recognizing that diversity itself is not the point; it is the exploitation of the difference in thinking and performance that the diversity presents that is the key to 21st century success.”

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White Paper: Women, Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century

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