Sustainable Leadership; Rewire Your Brain for Sustainable Success

The third White Paper in a new series on Transpersonal Leadership, explores why we need a more sustainable approach to leadership and how we can shift from the old mechanistic view of leadership to a more sustainably effective one that is appropriate for the 21st century. 

Download this essential White Paper to learn more about how you can become a more relevant and less obsolete leader and lead in a way that sustains rather than drains you and others. Perhaps you are a leader in an organisation. Maybe you are a leader outside of work. But there is no maybe about whether you are the leader of your own life. How many of us pay attention to how sustainable our approach to leading our life is? 
Sustainable leadership, is leadership that delivers sustainable high performance through creating the conditions in which everyone thrives, thereby ensuring that the organisation and all of its stakeholders experience sustainable success. As such, it is an integral part of Transpersonal Leadership.

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From the introduction

“100 years later we are back where we were, a new world struggling with an old structure that is no longer fit for purpose. If businesses want to be successful they need to be authentic, genuine and real”

This is a quote from Sir Bob Geldof who was keynote speaker at a conference on trust that I attended in London in October 2014. I was struck by this pattern of getting stuck in an old view of the world that is no longer appropriate and finding it difficult to shift as I had personally experienced this in my own life. Maybe you have too. 

Sir Bob explained that in the 19th century it took two world wars to shift our perspective to one appropriate for the 20th century. We are now 16 years into the 21st century yet many of our institutions including our organisations and their leaders are stuck in a 20th century mind-set. What is it going to take for us to shift to a perspective appropriate to the 21st century? What does this mean for the shift we need to make as leaders?

About the author

Sue Coyne PCC is a member of the LeaderShape Global faculty. She spent 20 years as a business leader, and has been a sought-after leadership and team coach since 2003. She is a thought leader and speaker on leadership issues and complements her work with expertise in neuroscience. See her full bio here
Sue is the author of “Stop Doing Start Leading: How to Shift from Doing the Work Yourself to Becoming a Great Leader” (Coyne, 2016). She is a contributor to “Leadership Team Coaching in Practice: Developing High-performing Teams” by Peter Hawkins (Hawkins, 2014) and “Enabling Genius” (Downey, 2016) by Myles Downey. 

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New: Transpersonal Leadership series

Routledge and LeaderShape Global in partnership are pleased to announce a series of quarterly White Papers around the subject of Transpersonal Leadership, culminating in the publication of a book entitled “Becoming a Transpersonal Leader” in January 2018.

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