Forthcoming Conferences for 2018

Taylor & Francis are busy planning our conferences for 2018. Below are a few of the key conferences you can find us at next year.

Bibliostar – Milan, Italy, March 15th – 16th

UKSG Annual Conference - Glasgow, UK, April 9th – 11th

California Academic and Research Libraries - Redwood City California, USA, April 13th – 15th

SNBU - Salvador, Brazil, April 15th – 20th

ANKOS link - Antalya, Turkey, April 17th 20th

DEFF Online (Denmark's Electronic Research Library) - Copenhagen, Denmark, April 19th – 20th

INFO Conference - Tel Aviv, Israel, May 14th – 16th

INFORUM 2018 - Prague, Czech Republic, May 29th – 30th

CONUL - Galway, Ireland, May 30th – 31st