Leading Across Cultures; Developing Leaders for Global Organisations

The fourth White Paper in a new series on Transpersonal Leadership, explores how different cultures value different leadership approaches and also attach different importance to business goals. 

Leadership Across CulturesDownload this essential White Paper to learn how your cultural influences impact your values and beliefs and consequently your behaviours and working practices, including leadership styles.

Cultural differences can create confusion, misunderstandings and conflict. Nevertheless, companies with extensive ethnic diversity are more likely to deliver the innovative ideas and the creativity to deliver new products, services and solutions.

Leading Across Cultures, explores how organisations can approach limitations, and considerations of tapping into that potential and of the importance of doing so for global organisations.

From the introduction:

"We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are.
We do not hear things as they are; we hear them as we are.”  The Talmud

Just as we thought we were making progress as an inclusive society, the UK plunged into a polarized nation that seems to have caused regressive conversations about ‘foreigners’ and an increase in racially-induced hate crimes. Clearly the British ‘bulldog spirit’ is alive and well as is a radical form of bias exhibited by the US President Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign. Elsewhere in Europe, the rise of ‘far right’ parties is apparent.Thus, ‘in-group’ and ‘outgroup’ formation is reinforcing what social scientists have for a long-time known – that we typically like and trust ‘people like us’. This is explained perfectly in the above quotation from the Talmud. In the workplace, this bias is very often unconscious as most of us think that we believe in an open, transparent, ethical and ‘just’ world – one that is beyond bias, beyond ego. Transpersonal even.

About the author: 

Jenny Plaister-Ten is a member of the LeaderShape Global faculty and is dedicated to the development of global leaders and their teams. Following a stellar international career in the IT industry with Compaq/HP and ICL/Fujitsu during which she lived and worked in the USA, the Asia/Pacific region and mainland Europe she ran her own consulting practice based in Singapore and subsequently in the UK altogether working in over 30 countries.

Jenny is now a thought-leader on the impact in the coaching relationship and upon global leaders. Her book, ’The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope’, a systems approach to working amongst different cultural influences was published by Karnac in 2016. She is also a contributing author to ‘Intercultural Management’, (Barmeyer and Franklin, 2016). See her full bio  here

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Routledge and LeaderShape Global in partnership are pleased to announce a series of quarterly White Papers around the subject of Transpersonal Leadership, culminating in the publication of a book entitled “Becoming a Transpersonal Leader” in January 2018.

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