Speechmark Online Resources

Step-by-step guide to gain access to your online resources

There are three possible ways to access a Speechmark title's accompanying online eResources, and the quickest way to discover if and how you can download them is by visiting the product page. To find it, just enter the book’s title or ISBN in the search box above.

The available options - which will vary from title to title - are; direct from the product page, through a Companion Website, or through a Resources Download Hub. Below you will find step-by-step instructions detailing how each option should be completed.

Please note, not every resource will have additional downloadable content. If eResources are available, details will be contained within the printed copy of your Speechmark title. Those that do have eResources will not all be available via all options.

Direct from the product page: Certain eResources are available to download direct from a product page on Routledge.com. To download, navigate to the 'eResource' tab and click the linked text. The files will download and be saved in your downloads folder.

Companion Website: Other eResources are available to download through our Companion Website platform. You can browse the titles available on this platform on the homepage, however it is recommended you visit the product page on Routledge.com and check for the Companion Website button here to confirm this is the right platform for a specific title.

Once on the Companion Website page, click the Sign in or Request Access button and follow the instructions.

Please note, if you have previously registered to use a title’s accompanying online resources through Speechmark you will need to register again to gain access through Routledge. This can be done on the Log-In page for each specific title and selecting the 'Request an access token' button.

  1. Click the 'Request Access or Activate a Token' button
  2. Complete the details and answer the question (which will be related to a word on a certain page of the product the online resource is for)
  3. You will receive an email containing your new access code, so you can proceed to active it by clicking the 'Active an access token' button or link in the email.
  4. You will then be able to gain access

Resources Download Hub: The final method of accessing eResources is through our (Instructor) Resources Download Hub. Please ignore any reference to textbooks, course information and 'Instructors'. On the Download Hub homepage, click the ‘Sign In or Request Access’ button. If you’ve already registered, simply sign in with your username and password.

If this is your first time downloading an eResource from this platform, please complete the ‘Request access’ form. Please ignore the ‘Course and Institution Details’ by entering “N/A” in these fields. To gain access to the relevant eResources, select the title from the dropdown list under ‘Textbook Title’.

Your details will then be checked and access granted over email through an ‘access token’. To activate your token and download the eResources, return to the ‘Sign In or Request Access’ page and click the ‘Activate access token’ button.

Still having trouble?

If you're still unable to gain access to the Companion Website platform, please email companionaccess@informa.com.

For issues with direct downloads and the Resource Download Hub, contact us directly, providing as much detail as possible including the title/ISBN you are trying to download additional content for.