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Learn how to improve yourself, your colleagues and your organization through business improvement tactics from industry leaders. From top-down simplification strategies to grassroots and personal improvement ideas to company-wide lean implementation practices and organizational development, here you will find content that provides actionable steps to upgrade all aspects of your business.

5 No-Nonsense Strategies to Deal with Toxic Employees

Toxic employees not only get under our skin, but also erode the financial worth of any organization. In one study it was discovered that a whopping 94% of over 400 leaders reported dealing with the devastation caused by these chameleons who “knock down but kiss up.” In  Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore, Dr. Mitchell Kusy presents the proactive solutions to prevent these individuals from ever entering your organization, along with the reactive ways to deal with them once they’re there.

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Who wants to be a Post-Capitalist, Blockchain Entrepreneur?

Instead of passively protesting their dissatisfaction with business as usual, these post-capitalist entrepreneurs are fighting back with new organizational models that they hope can be part of the solution to these complex problems. Author, Boyd Cohen further explains helpful knowledge to navigate this new capitalist paradigms.

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Leadersights: Creating Great Leaders Who Create Great Workplaces by David Veech

Love, learn, let go. Three decisions. Three actions. Three habits. Together, these offer leaders insight (Leadersights) into the true nature of leadership and can create the type of workplace that can thrive in a demanding future. Find out more about this new title here

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