White Paper - Leadership in India: A Need to Keep Pace with India's Growth Story?

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Download this essential White Paper to learn why India needs leaders that are emotionally aware, and have the humility to continuously work on their personal growth, the robustness to use relevant and different leadership styles, and the skills to develop leaders who in turn develop other future leaders.

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The fifth White Paper in our series on Transpersonal Leadership, covers the need for corporate India to develop leadership which is relevant for today's and tomorrow's organisations.



From the introduction:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  Mahatma Gandhi

This white paper explains our experience of developing leaders in Indian corporations in the context of India’s growth story. Many Indian companies have seen impressive growth over the last few decades with some becoming global organisations. With recent and projected growth rates to 2020 in GDP of over 7% according to the World Bank, IMF and United Nations (Knoema, 2017), India is the fastest growing large country in the world. However, if India is going to achieve its potential there are many issues that need to be addressed, not least of which is the development of its leaders for the future. 

In this paper, we identify what we believe are the most urgent leadership developmental needs in India. Given the opportunity, we feel confident that India’s next generation of senior leaders will be quick to take on board these simple yet profound new transpersonal approaches.

About the author: 

Pavan Bakshi is LeaderShape’s Managing Partner in India and the CEO of their Indian Business Partner, Prime Meridian Consulting India Pvt Ltd. Pavan is a distinguished Veteran Colonel, who is a Certified Executive Coach and trainer from the Army War College, Military College of Telecom Engineering. He has also been a trainer in the prestigious Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Pavan specialises in the field of performance, growth, leadership, crisis, transition and change management. His coaching experience ranges from coaching senior executives in leadership positions in multinational companies to large Indian corporate organisations.

During a career with the Indian Army spanning over 20 years, Pavan was involved in handling various national crisis interventions. In Corporate life, he worked in prestigious Indian and multinational organisations – in both national and leadership positions. His 30 years’ business experience spans operations, projects, supply chain management, business development and training.