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Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Kristi Gaines, Angela Bourne, Michelle Pearson, Mesha Kleibrink

Winner of the:

- 2017 IDEC Book Award
- 2017 EDRA Great Places Award (Book Category)
- 2017 American Society of Interior Designers Joel Polsky Prize 
- 2016 International Interior Design Association TXOK Research Award

Drawing on the latest research in the fields of environmental psychology and education,  Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders explains the influence of the natural and man-made environment on individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other forms of intellectual/developmental disabilities. 

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Phyto: Principles and Resources for Site Remediation and Landscape Design

By Kate Kennen, Niall Kirkwood

Winner of the 2017 CBHL Literature Award of Excellence in Landscape Design and Architecture

Phyto presents the concepts of phytoremediation and phytotechnology in one comprehensive guide. This is the first book to address the benefits of phytotechnologies from a design point of view, taking complex scientific terms and translating the research into an easy-to-understand reference book for those involved in creating planting solutions.

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The Renewable Energy Landscape: Preserving Scenic Values in our Sustainable Future

Edited by Dean Apostol, James Palmer, Martin Pasqualetti, Richard Smardon, Robert Sullivan

Winner of the:

- 2017 EDRA Great Places Award (Research Category)
- 2017 Vemont ASLA Award of Excellence in the Communications category

The Renewable Energy Landscape is a definitive guide to understanding, assessing, avoiding, and minimizing scenic impacts as we transition to a more renewable energy future. It focuses attention, for the first time, on the unique challenges solar, wind, and geothermal energy will create for landscape protection, planning, design, and management.

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24-Hour Cities: Real Investment Performance, Not Just Promises

By Hugh F. Kelly, Foreword by Richard Florida

Winner of the Gold Award in the Tenth Annual Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Competition

24 Hour Cities is the very first full length book about America’s cities that never sleep. Over the last fifty years, the nation’s top live-work-play cities have proven themselves more than just vibrant urban environments for the elite. Yet, just a generation ago, cities like New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, and Miami were broke (financially and physically), scarred by violence, and prime examples of urban dysfunction. How did the turnaround happen? Hugh Kelly’s cross-disciplinary research identifies the ingredients of success, and the recipe that puts them together.

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