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Author Interview: Jodi Lea-Trowman

Hear from author Jodi Lea-Trowman, who answered a few questions on her new book Developing Children's Speech, Language and Communication Through Stories and Drama.

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FreeBook & Author Interview: Rollercoaster Series

Download a copy of our FreeBook on the Rollercoaster Series, containing excerpts deigned to help children explore and manage their emotions, and hear from author Paula Nagel about her inspiration for the series and how it can be best put into practice.

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Free-to-View Chapters: Art and Design for Children with SEN

Teaching art and design to children with Special Educational Needs is challenging but immensely rewarding and fun, if you know what it is you want to achieve and how to do this.

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Author Interview: Alison Battye

With the release of her new book, Who's Afraid of AAC?, we've spoken with author Alison Battye about her motivations for the book and how Augmentative and Alternative Communication is a fear professionals should conquer.

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Author Interview: Alex Kelly & TALKABOUT

With a brand new resource and second editions of bestsellers out now, we've spoken with TALKABOUT creator and author Alex Kelly. Read about the origin of TALKABOUT and what makes it so unique.

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