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Read our exclusive interview with Herman Koren, author of Best Practices for Environmental Health: Environmental Pollution, Protection, Quality and Sustainability, and learn more about his latest release, and what he has planned for the future. 

Best Practices for Environmental Health: Environmental Pollution, Protection, Quality and Sustainability is the product of 15 years of thinking about how we waste time and energy by not capturing and utilizing the best of our operating programs in environmental health, environmental science, occupational health and public health globally, past and present, and therefore having to do this work over and over again. This book, my 20th, is the product of five years of research and writing including the review of thousands of documents containing the work of environmental health and science as well as occupational health and safety practitioners, my 62 years of experience in the field, much of it as a practitioner, my unusual research and writing career and most of all my career involving the teaching of young people to become professionals in the environmental, safety and public health fields.

This book is excellent for environmental health students, environmental science and protection students, public health students, industrial hygiene, health and safety students and professionals in all these areas, since it covers all areas of environmental concerns and environmental programs, their interrelationship, statements of the problem and best practices which have been utilized in actual practice by a large number of professionals. It also is extremely useful for all citizens of the world and the various citizens’ environmental organizations since it can be easily used to increase environmental literacy and allow people to make better decisions about what is best for their communities. The readership is worldwide and the book should be useful for at least 30 to 50 years.

Bachelor of arts Temple University 1955 Chemistry and Biology Major; Master of Public Health-University of Michigan School of Public Health-Major Environmental Health-1959; Dr. of Health and Safety-Indiana University-1992-Major Environmental Health, Minor Curriculum Environmental Economics; Prof. Emeritus Environmental Health and Safety Indiana State University 1967-1995-Founder and Director of Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Environmental Health Science; Founder and Director of the Paid Environmental Health Internship Program Placing 1150 Students in 28 States and 70 Different Health Areas, Governmental and Industry-Founder and Director of the National Student National Environmental Health Association and Indiana State University Alpha Chapter of the Student National Environmental Health Association-Founder and Director of the Supervision and Management Program for Professionals.

Best Practices for Environmental Health: Environmental Pollution, Protection, Quality and Sustainability Is of Extreme Importance in Our Society Today Because of the Assault on the Environment, Air, Water, Land, Hazardous Materials and Chemicals, Global Warming, and Health by the Current Administration in the United States. The Information Used to Attempt to Destroy and actually destroy existing regulations in the environment, environmental health, occupational health, public health is totally inaccurate, science is being disregarded and politics are in charge. This book is totally accurate and as I have said is based on my 62 years of experience in the field which have been recognized by my peers With the Walter S Mangold Award, the highest in the United States, and being selected to be a Diplomate Laureate of the American Academy of Sanitarians, Only the Number Seven of Eight Worldwide. This book is based also on my review of thousands of peer-reviewed documents and therefore is extremely accurate. To make sure that this was so, Taylor and Francis hired an independent copy editor of distinction to evaluate every word and reference within the over 300,000 word manuscript. She challenged me repeatedly to justify what I was saying and to make sure the references were proper. It is because of this accuracy and because the book covers the entire environment and the interrelationship between different environmental media that citizens, various environmental groups globally, the news media, governmental agencies and all other interested parties can use the material in this book to refute the actions that are being taken based on politics and not science.

Since I had 11 years of comprehensive experience as a field practitioner (I added 25 more years as the field supervisor of the 1150 interns) in the rural setting, a field practitioner in an urban setting, a district environmental health supervisor of 250,000 people for all programs at age 26, an administrator at a 2000 bed hospital at age 30, as Chief of Environmental Health and Safety As Well as head of the hospital infection program, when I was asked to come to Indiana state University in 1967, I asked for full control over all aspects of the program which I was creating which led to the graduation of 500 men and women with Bachelor of Science Degrees in environmental health science plus at least seven months of environmental health internship experience in two separate internships. When I taught, I used an extremely large number of practical examples of work in the field rather than teaching from the textbook, which in fact I had written. I also taught these young people how to become professionals in every way possible and how to have a decent career and a good life. I’ve had graduates call me recently to thank me for the grounding that I gave them not only in the field of environmental health and public health but also in life itself.

Herman Koren, HSD, MPH, DLAAS, REHS is Professor Emeritus of Health and Safety, former Coordinator Environmental Health Science Program, which he founded in 1967, former Director Supervision and Management Program I and II for continuing education, which he founded in 1980, former Coordinator Environmental Health Internship Program, which he founded in 1969, at Indiana State University at Terre Haute. He is currently the for the series “Best Practices in Public Health”.

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