Leading Beyond the Ego Publicity

Leading Beyond the Ego is the much talked-about new book from Routledge and LeaderShape. Explore the numerous publicity pieces below...

Listen to John Knights discuss transpersonal leadership with host Jim Beach

Is ego a good leadership quality? John Knights discusses the difference between being making decisions for personal benefit, and that of the organization.

An article on the difference between 20th century and 21st century leadership and new demands.


Reviewed in March Issue

Danielle’s article on women in leadership online, 22 February: https://www.wearethecity.com/women-naturally-better-suited-21st-century-leadership/

Included book in their Recommended Reads section, 15 February:https://www.wearethecity.com/recommended-read-leading-beyond-ego-john-knights-danielle-grant-greg-young/ .

When Leading Beyond the Ego crossed my desk, I couldn’t wait to see the author’s take on the subject. The lead author, John Knights, is the Chairman of LeaderShape Global and the book is the result of twenty years of research and experience supporting leaders in their personal and professional development. It builds on the importance of emotional intelligence as a foundation to demonstrate how the best leaders in the 21stcentury will lead beyond their ego and bring their values and purpose to full consciousness.

The piece ran on February 27, 2018:


An article in Swedish by Marika Ronty.


A guest article by John Knights on what happens when ego takes a back seat. 


Danielle Grant's article on diversity beyond tokenism

John Knights speaks to Dov Baron about transpersonal leadership in this audio clip

Greg Young: I needed to reframe what I considered to be successful https://www.fastleader.net/gregyoung/

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More from LeaderShape - Transpersonal Leadership White Paper Series

LeaderShape Global is a UK headquartered organisation with a global culture that operates without borders. It exists to develop people around the world who can lead beyond their ego to be radical, ethical and authentic, ie. Transpersonal Leaders

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Women in Leadership Infographic

Following the hugely successful and engaging 'Women Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century’ webinar, hosted by  @LeaderShapeUK on December 6th 2017, you can download an inforgraphic exploring whether women are better than men at developing others.

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Do Ethics Benefit Business? Infographic