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Mary Hogarth is our latest Routledge Featured Author. Read our interview to discover more about her recent book,  Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing.

"To evolve we must continue learning, and that means embracing innovation as well as taking responsibility for our CPD (Continued Professional Development)."

Mary Hogarth is an experienced educator, media specialist and writer, who has previously led Features Journalism at Southampton Solent University, before joining Bournemouth University, UK. Mary also runs a consultancy practice, themagazineexpert Ltd, specialising in advising on new title launches, audience engagement, editorial development and developing sustainable magazine usiness strategies.

Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing explores tactics for creating financially sustainable publications in the 21st century. Mary Hogarth, media specialist, Senior Fellow (HEA) and lecturer in Journalism at Bournemouth University, analyses the historical development of the magazine industry, as well as current and future challenges for publishers, to illustrate different approaches to revenue generation and the maintenance of magazine brands.

The book examines the wide-ranging impact of digital technology on how magazine content is consumed, revealing the dramatic consequences for advertising, distribution and marketing strategies. Traditional business models are evaluated alongside new online approaches, and readers will be introduced to the Magazine Publishing Strategic Quadrant, a model created by the author as an alternative to the Business Canvas Model. In addition, in-depth interviews with high-profile industry figureheads and magazine editors, such as Jessica Strawser of Writer’s Digest and former Good Housekeeping Editorial Director Lindsay Nicholson, offer readers an insight into how to produce and monetise online content. These interviews appear alongside exercises and action plans that give readers the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice.

With real-world advice and practical activities and resources throughout the book, journalism students and young professionals will find this an essential guide to successfully building a career in the modern magazine industry.

The book takes the reader through key aspects of magazine publishing, offering examples of good practice as well as evaluating those titles which have failed. So, I hope that those reading this book – students as well as industry professionals who are perhaps hoping to further their career – will gain a deeper understanding of the industry from a business perspective.

Gaining a deeper understanding can only strengthen the reader’s outputs in terms of their editorial content. This knowledge will ensure that quality, relevance and focus are at the heart of everything they do with regards to magazine publishing, whether that is working in print, online or across digital editions.

To evolve we must continue learning, and that means embracing innovation as well as taking responsibility for our CPD (Continued Professional Development).

Initially, the concept evolved out of need and a gap in the market. I identified the need when teaching Magazine Business to undergraduates. When compiling unit materials, I found that although there were many texts on editing, layout and even magazine publishing, there wasn’t a specific title on business strategies specific to publishing.

“In some aspects, my teaching and client-based work have also informed my research. The fact the book is based on my own experiences also gives it a unique perspective. As well as being an academic, I have more than 20 years’ industry experience and now run a consultancy practice, The Magazine Expert Ltd (www.themagazineexpert.com). It is my practice that has enabled me to provide real-world examples – many of which are based on my work.

Although there are there are several factors. Primarily, I feel it is because the text contains real-world examples, knowledge sharing from magazine publishers and editors, as well as the case studies.

At the end of each chapter there is an Industry perspectives section in which high-profile media experts and editors – such as Alexandra Shulman, former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and Terri White, Editor-in-Chief of Empire – share their expertise. This is followed by action points to guide the reader on each of the core topics, thus reinforcing key learning points and ensuring the reader understands that there is a clear course of action needed.

All of these core aspects have high value in terms of knowledge sharing, which can then be put into practice using the action points. It is essential that readers are not only able to gain a theoretical perspective, but that they also have the opportunity to test out these theories through the action points. Only then can the transfer of knowledge really be completed.

Probably my former publisher and mentor, John Jenkins, who quickly saw my passion for magazine publishing. From the very beginning, he was always keen to hear my ideas for enhancing our publications (at Writers International Ltd) and widening audience participation.

I am also continually heartened by the willingness of industry professionals who, no matter how busy, have kindly taken time out to share their experiences and expertise with me in this book and my previous text, How To Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age. I am extremely grateful to everyone.

Currently, I am working on the fifth edition of Brendan Hennessy’s book, Writing Feature Articles, which should be finished later this year and published early in 2019.

This summer I will be delivering a paper on Lessons from the past at Mapping the Magazine Conference, Columbia College in Chicago. It is based on the first chapter of Business Strategies For Magazine Publishing and looks at the lessons we can draw from three iconic titles - The Lady, Private Eye and Vogue - all of which, despite facing extreme challenges, have achieved significant lifespans.

Long term, in the next couple of years I plan to write another book relating to new magazine concepts and launches, as well as researching an idea around indigenous media to form the basis of a PhD.

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