White Paper - Digital Transformation: Creating a Digital-First Culture through Transpersonal Leaders

The eighth White Paper in the Transpersonal Leadership series argues that digital transformation requires transpersonal leadership to be successful.

Digital Transformation White Paper

There are numerous examples of successes and failures, which litter the rocky road to digital transformation. Such a fundamental change, in a changing world, poses significant challenges. This paper offers insights, examples and solutions to leaders.

It discusses the importance of visionary leadership, a democratic style and customer focus during digital transformation in high performing organisations.

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From the introduction

Leaders throughout the public, private and third sectors face the same challenge: to excavate and articulate core purpose, describe how it will be pursued in the new digital world, and plot a course through digital transformation. Leaders need to become transpersonal – leading beyond the ego. All departments and all staff, as well as partners, clients and customers, contribute to and operate under the climate and culture. In particular, this paper is for the board and the division or team leading digital development, giving insights into the perceived reluctance of other departments and stakeholders to engage.

About the Author

Duncan Enright is a director and faculty member of LeaderShape Global engaged in developing transpersonal leaders. His background is as a publisher in scientific, technical and medical fields, who has been part of the digital transformation of the industry. He spent thirty years developing publishing programmes to support professional development, and in the last few years has led work across the world to promote evidence-based knowledge solutions at the point of decision for doctors, pharmacists and nurses. This included leading the British National Formulary and creating a multi-award winning reference series at specialist publisher Evidence-based Networks Ltd. Duncan is an experienced leader, coach and trainer, and has held senior posts in the UK National Health Service, and elected positions in local government and national politics. See his full bio here: http://leadershapeglobal.com/duncan-enright

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Watch an Interview with Duncan Enright

An Interview with Duncan Enright

In this interview conducted by the Transformation Network, Duncan Enright, author of our white paper, discusses the reasons organisations can be reluctant to embrace digital transformation, how to overcome this and the key benefits that these methods bring to Local Government.

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