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Help support global reforestation - buy a book from Routledge/CRC Press this February!

Routledge and CRC Press (part of the Taylor & Francis Group) have teamed up with One Tree Planted to fight global deforestation and we want you to join us!

For every print book we sell through Routledge and CRC Press between the 11th and 24th of February, we’ll donate $1 to One Tree Planted to support efforts to restore and conserve forested land across the globe.

In addition, our parent company, Informa, will match all donations. In other words, for each qualifying purchase, you are helping to plant two trees! Finally, to thank you for your contribution, we’re taking 15% off your order.

One Tree Planted works with a network of on-the-ground reforestation partners and funds tree plantings in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. The impact of their efforts extends far beyond forest conservation and renewal; their newly-planted trees improve fresh water supplies, help protect the habitat of threatened plant and animal species, and aid in the reduction of nutritional deficiency and poverty.

According to the World Resources Institute, there is an annual shortfall of about $250-300 billion in funding needs for reforestation and conservation. Let’s plant some trees and help bridge that gap!

Learn more about One Tree Planted.

Taylor & Francis is a trusted global partner of One Tree Planted. 

Terms and Conditions: This promotion runs from 11/2/19 00:00 GMT to 25/2/19 08:00 GMT. The promotion is valid for print book purchases only made via or The 15% discount will be automatically applied at checkout. For every print purchase on o, Taylor & Francis Group will donate $1 to One Tree Planted. Every donation funds planting a tree. These donations will be matched by Informa. Taylor & Francis Group is part of Informa PLC.

Thank you!

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