White Paper - Politics Beyond the Ego: Ethical Political Leadership for the 21st Century

The ninth White Paper in the Transpersonal Leadership series argues that political leaders need to develop themselves and become transpersonal leaders for the sake of our planet. 

Politics Beyond the Ego White Paper

In these uncertain times of great change and challenges, transpersonal leaders are needed more than ever. This paper argues the need for political leaders to embrace a visionary and collaborative approach to inspire people towards a common goal and to encourage future generations of politicians. 

Referencing both inspiring leaders of the past and recent case studies, the ninth white paper in our series explores the importance of an ethical and empathetic form of government, where politicians learn to lead beyond the ego to build a world in which everyone can hope to prosper.

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From the introduction

Politicians are all leaders. They are chosen to be so. The parish councillor in a voluntary and part-time post representing their neighbours, every bit as much as the President of a large country or multinational parliament, has the same responsibility to govern, with consent, on behalf of the people they serve. Alongside their colleagues, they should provide a sense of purpose and destiny for their community. They should play a part in setting the climate and culture of their society. They should work with others, often in a political party, to argue for their values to win through in government. Theirs is not just to keep a steady state, but to pursue a vision of a better world, or at least their bit of it. Politicians should offer vision, inspiration, and take people to a better place they wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

About the Author

Duncan Enright is a director and faculty member of LeaderShape Global engaged in developing transpersonal leaders. His background is as a publisher in scientific, technical and medical fields, who has been part of the digital transformation of the industry. He spent thirty years developing publishing programmes to support professional development, and in the last few years has led work across the world to promote evidence-based knowledge solutions at the point of decision for doctors, pharmacists and nurses. This included leading the British National Formulary and creating a multi-award winning reference series at specialist publisher Evidence-based Networks Ltd. Duncan is an experienced leader, coach and trainer, and has held senior posts in the UK National Health Service, and elected positions in local government and national politics. See his full bio here: http://leadershapeglobal.com/duncan-enright

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