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Walk through actual game levels and explore topics, such as interactive sound design, adaptive music, looping, 3d sound, and many other game specific audio issues.

The world of sound for games is right at your fingertips.

Watch this video tutorial from the app on Unity structure basics.

About the App

This freely available iOS book companion app to The Essential Guide to Game Audio allows users to walk through actual game levels created in Unity with interactivity and voice-over explanations. Also included are video tutorials, word searches, quizzes, and more! Learn from video tutorials ranging from audio workflow, Unity implementation, FMOD to panel talks from industry professionals. Explore game audio implementation in actual game levels to understand dynamic 3D audio environments, trigger events and more. Quiz yourself on everything from game audio basics, music composition, middleware, web and mobile games and getting a job in sound for games.

What's in the app?

Unity levels:

  • Breakout
    • Explore a game with and without sound.
  • Mushroom Forest
    • Experience firsthand how game sounds are triggered.
  • Music Maze
    • Exploration of an interactive music experience.
  • Unity Walkthrough
    • Explore how to interact with a dynamic 3d environment.

Video Lessons:

  • Linear vs Nonlinear Audio
  • Adaptive Audio
  • Animation Fascination
  • Audio Workflow – Old School
  • Audio Workflow – New School Middleware
  • FMOD Studio Basics
  • FMOD Studio Footsteps Demo
  • FMOD Designer Music Demo
  • Audio Prep for Games
  • Unity Structure Basics
  • Unity Structure Continued
  • Unity Implement 3D Audio
  • Unity Triggering Audio
  • Panel Talk – Business & Gamification
  • Panel Talk – Jim Hedges


  • Level 1 Quiz: Graphics, Sound, Action-Making Sense of Audio for Games
  • Level 2 Quiz: On the Road to NOW! A Brief History of Games and Game Audio
  • Level 3 Quiz: My Non-Linear Life – Audio for Interactive Environments
  • Level 4 Quiz: What is Hip? Styles and Genres – Welcome to Acronym Hell
  • Level 5 Quiz: Bleeps, Blops, Clicks, and Pops – Sound Design in Games
  • Level 6 Quiz: Compose Yourself! The Art of Composing Music for Games
  • Level 7 Quiz: Do You Hear That Voice in My Head? Voice Over for Games
  • Level 8 Quiz: Meet the Middleman: Understanding Audio Middleware
  • Level 9 Quiz: The Early Bird Gets the Worm. Preparing Your Audio
  • Level 10 Quiz: 'Silly Human…' How Game Engines Think
  • Level 11 Quiz: Unify My World – Audio in Unity 3D
  • Level 12 Quiz: Unity Too – Basic Audio Implementation in Unity 3D
  • Level 13 Quiz: Back To the Future – The World of Mobile and Web Games
  • Level 14 Quiz: Show Me the Money – Getting a Job in Sound for Games

Plus 4 Word Searches!

Steve HorowitzSteve Horowitz is perhaps best known as a composer and producer for his original soundtrack to the Academy Award-nominat film, Super Size Me. Noted as an expert in the field of sound for games, he has worked on hundreds of titles, including a ten year run as the audio director at Nickelodeon Digital, where he garnered both Webby and Broadcast Design awards. Horowitz also has a Grammy Award in recognition of his engineering work on the multi-artist release, "True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe [Sugar Hill]" “Best Bluegrass Album" (1996). Follow Steve at:

Scott LooneyScott Looney has been helping students understand the basic concepts and practices behind the creation of content for interactive media and games for over ten years. He pioneered interactive online audio courses for the Academy of Art University, and has also taught at Ex'pression College, Cogswell College, and Pyramind Training. As a musician and composer, he has created compelling sounds for audiences, game developers and ad agencies alike across a broad spectrum of genres and styles, from contemporary music to experimental noise. Follow Scott at:

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