Women Voicing Resistance has won the 2015 Distinguished Publication Award!

It is with great pleasure that Routledge can announce that Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr and Michelle N. Lafrance have been awarded the 2015 Distinguished Publication Award (DPA) of the Association for Women in Psychology (AWP), for their book Women Voicing Resistance (Routledge, 2014).

The Distinguished Publication Award (DPA) recognizes works that make significant and substantial contributions to research and theory that advance understanding of the psychology of women and that promote the achievement of the goals of the Association for Women in Psychology. Winners are decided by the committee of psychologists who are members of the AWP.

“The DPA Committee were very impressed with the book,” states Carla Golden, “ the importance of the research reported within it, the consistently high quality of the individual contributions, its relevance to our organization’s member, and its accessibility among many other features.”

Women Voicing Resistance challenges the patriarchal ‘dominant discourse’ and ‘master narratives’ which feminist scholars see too often distorting and damaging women’s own storying of their lives. This volume offers poignant examples of women trying to counter the prevailing patriarchal discourses in society, to tell their own stories.

The Distinguished Publication Award will be presented to the winning authors at the March 2016 Association for Women in Psychology conference in Pittsburgh, USA. Routledge would like to thank the Association for Women in Psychology Committee for their work. 

The Woman and Psychology Series

This series brings together current theory and research on women and psychology. Drawing on scholarship from a number of different areas of psychology, it bridges the gap between abstract research and the reality of women's lives by integrating theory and practice, research and policy.

Other books in this series that have won the Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology include:

Winner of the 2015 Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology:

  • Women Voicing Resistance

    Discursive and narrative explorations

    Edited by Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr, Michelle N. Lafrance

    Feminist scholars have demonstrated how ‘dominant discourses’ and ‘master narratives’ frequently reflect patriarchal influence, thereby distorting and depoliticizing women’s storying of their own lives. In this groundbreaking volume a number of internationally recognized researchers, working across…

    Paperback – 2014-03-20
    Women and Psychology

Past Winners:

  • 'Adolescence', Pregnancy and Abortion

    Constructing a Threat of Degeneration

    By Catriona I. Macleod

    Winner of the Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor's Book Award 2012! Winner of the 2011 Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology! Why, despite evidence to the contrary, does the narrative of the negative consequences of teenage pregnancy, abortion and childbearing…

    Paperback – 2010-06-30
    Women and Psychology

  • Just Sex?

    The Cultural Scaffolding of Rape

    By Nicola Gavey, Nicola Gavey

    Winner of the Association for Women In Psychology 2006 Distinguished Publication Award! The past two decades have witnessed a significant shift in how rape is understood in Western societies. This shift in perception has revealed the startling frequency of occurrences of date rape, obscuring…

    Paperback – 2004-12-09
    Women and Psychology

  • With All Our Strength

    The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

    By Anne E. Brodsky

    With All Our Strength is the inside story of this women-led underground organization and their fight for the rights of Afghan women. Anne Brodsky, the first writer given in-depth access to visit and interview their members and operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, shines light on the gruesome,…

    Paperback – 2004-08-11