Understanding Loris Malaguzzi: A Short Introduction To His Work And Legacy

Understanding Loris Malaguzzi: A Short Introduction To His Work And Legacy is a FreeBook brought to you by Routledge and Reggio Children. It includes an introduction to the new Loris Malaguzzi and the Schools of Reggio Emilia: A selection of his writings and speeches, 1945-1993, as well as selected highlights from this unique new book.

Understanding Loris Malaguzzi: A Short Introduction To His Work And LegacyDownload your FreeBook for a unique insight into Loris Malaguzzi and the schools of Reggio Emilia. This carefully curated selection of chapters is ideal for educators, as well as educational researchers, who would like to extend their knowledge of this important figure in 20th century education. 

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While the schools and much of Malaguzzi’s work are focused on young children (from birth to 6 years), Malaguzzi was always concerned with the renewal of all public education, so his ideas and practices are relevant to every sector of education and all types of educational institution.

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  • Ethics and Politics in Early Childhood Education

    1st Edition

    By Gunilla Dahlberg, Peter Moss

    The early childhood services of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy has gained worldwide interest and admiration. Drawing on the ‘Reggio approach’, and others, this book explores the ethical and political dimensions of early childhood services and argues the importance of these dimensions at a time…

    Paperback – 2005-01-13
    Contesting Early Childhood

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