Routledge working in partnership with LeaderShape Global

Routledge and LeaderShape Global in partnership are pleased to announce a series of quarterly White Papers around the subject of Transpersonal Leadership, culminating in the publication of a book entitled “Becoming a Transpersonal Leader” in January 2018.

The first White Paper published in this series is on the subject of “Ethical Leadership: How to Develop Ethical Leaders”, written by John Knights. Ethical Leadership is a fundamental component of Transpersonal Leadership. The second is on Women in leadership, written by Greg Young, with the third Sustainable Leadership; Rewire Your Brain for Sustainable Success” written by Sue Coyne.

Over the next year we'll be launching a further 3 White Papers, covering cultural diversity in leadership and unconscious bias. 

LeaderShape Global is a UK headquartered organisation with a global culture that operates without borders. It exists to develop people around the world who can lead beyond their ego to be radical, ethical and authentic, ie. Transpersonal Leaders.

It provides work-based learning through a faculty of senior executives who are accredited coaches and experienced facilitators, blended with online content and web based tools.

To get involved, join the LinkedIn Group “Transpersonal Leadership – Leading beyond the Ego” at

So what is Transpersonal Leadership? The concept was first published in a report on tomorrow’s
leadership, based on a leadership development journey developed by LeaderShape (Knights,
2011). The word “transpersonal” was inspired by the use of the word in “transpersonal psychology”
(Bynum, 2010). “Transpersonal” is defined as “extending or going beyond the personal or individual,
beyond the usual limits of ego and personality”.

A Transpersonal Leader is defined as:
They operate beyond the ego while continuing personal development and learning. They are
radical, ethical, and authentic while emotionally intelligent and caring.
They are able to: 
  • embed authentic, ethical and emotionally intelligent behaviours into the DNA of the organisation
  • build strong, collaborative relationships, and
  • create a Performance Enhancing Culture that is Ethical, Caring and Sustainable

White Paper: Leading Across Cultures; Developing Leaders for Global Organisations

Download this essential White Paper and learn how your cultural influences impact your values and beliefs and consequently your behaviours and working practices, including leadership styles.

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White Paper: Sustainable Leadership; Rewire Your Brain for Sustainable Success

Download this essential White Paper to learn more about how you can become a more relevant and less obsolete leader and lead in a way that sustains rather than drains you and others. Perhaps you are a leader in an organisation.

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White Paper: Women, Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century

Download this essential White Paper to learn more about what female leaders can bring to organisations, and how the areas they're stronger at are essential for success in the 21st century. It also presents some practical input on how to develop organisations that recognize those strengths and to help women develop in areas where they might appear weaker than their male counterparts. 

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White Paper: How to Develop Ethical Leaders

Download this essential White Paper to learn more about why we need ethical leadership and how we develop ethical leaders utilising the concepts of awareness and consciousness, within the context of three levels of intelligence that each have their own neural connection system. 

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