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  • The Innovative Business Ecosystems of China’s Digital Giants

    The world’s largest innovator of smart wearables, the global gaming champion, the leading online market place, pioneering artificial intelligent technology and the highest valued fintech company no longer come from Silicon Valley. Learn more from Business Ecosystems in China authors Wei Wei and Mark J. Greeven about how China is leading the pack.

  • Friday Forum

    Here's to November and see what our business writers have cooked up this week!

  • Friday Forum

    Cheers to the last Friday in October! Check out the latest from our business writers!

  • Political integration, fiscal decentralisation, and public sector revenue.

    It should be no surprise to many that the management of public finances lays at the core of recurrent political struggles. Some political struggles should do with greater integration of communities, which are expected to pool together financial resources and concentrate decision making powers into a single political venue. Other political struggles arise from the disintegration of existing institutional arrangements, which are substituted by more decentralized or autonomous political entities.

  • Who wants to be a Post-Capitalist, Blockchain Entrepreneur?

    Instead of passively protesting their dissatisfaction with business as usual, these post-capitalist entrepreneurs are fighting back with new organizational models that they hope can be part of the solution to these complex problems. Author, Boyd Cohen further explains helpful knowledge to navigate this new capitalist paradigms. 

  • Friday Forum

    It's that time of the week, Friday Forum time! Start your weekend eve off with reading the latest from our business writers!

  • The Business of Farm Animal Welfare

    Globally, nearly 70 billion animals are farmed annually for meat, milk, eggs and other products. Some two-thirds of these animals are farmed intensively. Nicky Amos and Rory Sullivan examine the the management practices companies adopt to care for the animals responsibly in this article. 

  • 10 Things That Help Millennials Thrive

    Google “Millennials at work” and you won’t find much positive commentary – even from Millennials themselves. It’s easy to pile on to the negativity, but it’s unproductive to jump on this bandwagon. A business without a Millennial is a business without a future, so now’s the time to learn how to help Millennials thrive on your team. And you’ll find that when Millennials thrive, so do their older colleagues.

  • Why It’s Important To Listen To Women Leaders

    Listen to learn, not reply. This is a fundamental rule of active listening. It’s also a key tenant of effective leadership. Female leadership and male leadership.In this article, author Lee Caraher tells us the importance of having women in leadership roles and the insight they share. 

  • 5 Reasons Why People Can't Get Out of a Crisis

    Constance Dierickx explains key indicators to identify when difficult situations occur and how to navigate the crisis and come out on the other side. Dierckx is the author of High-Stakes Leadership

  • Value of Information

    Most business executive acknowledges the value of information and it being a "critical corporate asset." Yet scant few measure its value as if it were one. In this article, Doug Laney, author of Infonomics, breaks down how information can increase shareholder wealth.