Social Groups in Action and Interaction

By Charles Stangor

© 2004 – Psychology Press

444 pages

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About the Book

The goal of Social Groups in Action and Interaction is to review and analyze the human group as it operates to create both social good and, potentially, social harm. The book provides relatively equal emphasis on topics traditionally considered from an intra-group perspective (for instance, conformity, minority influence, group decision-making, leadership, and task performance) as well as topics derived from an inter-group perspective (e.g. social categorization, social identity, intergroup conflict, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination). In addition, topics that are not unique to either of these two approaches, and yet which are important aspects of group relations, such as culture, crowd behavior, social representations, and negotiation are also covered.


"Charles Stangor takes us on a fascinating journey, exploring both classic contributions and more novel research on the way individuals behave in and deal with social groups. Although all major phenomena are being reviewed, the storyline remains clear and the style is engaging. This book comes across as a definite must-read for anyone who wants to get acquainted with this key aspect of human behavior. A job well done!" -- Vincent Yzerbyt, Catholic University of Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

"It is nice to see a new textbook that covers groups in all its various manifestations - from social categories to work groups to families. The author has contributed to a number of different group-oriented research domains, so he is in a unique position to bring theory and research from the various perspectives together into a coherent volume." -- R. Scott Tindale, Loyola University Chicago

"This book provides a thorough and highly readable review of the major theories and findings in inter- and intra-group relations. These areas are rarely covered in a single treatment, and the author has done a superb job interweaving these two topics to the benefit of both. The author's considerable expertise is evident in the clear perspective that underlies this book and this would make an excellent text for advanced undergraduate or graduate classes." -- William von Hippel, University of New South Wales

"Social Groups in Action and Interaction is a well organized and thorough introduction to the social psychology of groups. Writing in a highly accessible style, Professor Stangor achieves a fine balance between classic literature and contemporary approaches. Consequently, this volume would serve well as a stand-alone text for a group dynamics seminar, or as a supplemental text for a broader course in social psychology." -- Janet B. Ruscher, Tulane University

"A very readable, informative text about group life that presents an excellent balance between classical and modern perspectives with a minimum of jargon. Stangor addresses the reader personally with the use of revealing examples and carefully crafted descriptions of selected studies that illustrate important group processes." -- Sam Gaertner, University of Delaware

Table of Contents

Defining the Social Group. Studying Groups Scientifically. Groups and Their Functions. Social Influence. Social Categorization. Group Development and Structure. Power and Leadership. Group Decision Making. Group Performance and Productivity. Effective Working Groups. Cultures, Social Change, and Crowds. Cooperation and Conflict within Groups. Cooperation and Conflict between Groups. References.

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