Women, Music, Culture

An Introduction

By Julie C. Dunbar

© 2011 – Routledge

380 pages

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About the Book

Women, Music, Culture is an undergraduate textbook on the history and contribution of women in a variety of musical genres and professions. Clear writing, compelling narrative, and more than fifty guided listening examples bring the world of women in music to life. It includes a wide array of pedagogical aids, including an abundance of photographs, a comprehensive companion website, critical thinking exercises, as well as a running glossary that reinforces key figures and terms. Covering important figures in art music and popular music, it examines a community of women involved in the world of music, including composers, producers, consumers, performers, technicians, mothers, educators and listeners.


"An effective undergraduate text detailing the contributions of women in music through the cultural lens. It incorporates fundamentals of ethnomusicological research practices in presenting biographical, historical, and musical information to readers in an engaging, informative manner." - Eldonna May, Journal of Historical Research in Music Education

Table of Contents



Part 1 Telling Musical Stories: Missing Voices in the Documentation of Musical Traditions

Introduction to Part 1

1. Reflections on "Deep Listening:" Exploring Music in Context

2. Medieval Liturgical Roots and the Documentation of the Western Canon

3. Women in World Music: Another Picture of Musical Documentation

Guided Research Project for Part 1: Defining Feminism

Part 2 Restricted Domains: Gender Spheres In Art Music

Introduction to Part 2

4. The Renaissance and Beyond: Courtly Worlds of Women and Music

5. Baroque Keyboard and Vocal Genres: Gender Roles in Musical Families

6. Romantic-Era Performer/Composers: Walking the Public/Private Line

Guided Research Project for Part 2: Writing the Classical Chapter

Part 3 Visual Images in an Aural World

Introduction to Part 3

7. American Popular Music: 1895-1945

8. Empowered Voices in the Public Eye: Women of Gospel and Blues

9. Visual Media and the Marketing of Women Performers

Guided Research Project for Part 3: Women Behind the Lens

Part 4 A Century of Change: The Impact of Education on Women's Art Music Activity

Introduction to Part 4

10. Gender Integration in Twentieth-Century Instrumental Ensembles

11. Twentieth-Century Large-Scale Works: Contrasting Compositional Voices

12. Old Genres, New Sounds: Contemporary Music and Experimental Voices

Guided Research Project for Part 4: Out of the Textbook and Into the Concert Hall

Part 5 No Longer "One of the Boys"

Introduction to Part 5

13. Instrumental to Jazz: The Forgotten Role of Women

14. Music Technology in the Hands of Women

15. A New Message: Taking Charge in the Mass Music Market

Guided Research Project for Part 5: "Women’s Music" and Segregation: Debating the Pros and Cons



About the Author

Julie C. Dunbar teaches music history, music appreciation, and instrumental music education at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, where she also conducts instrumental ensembles. Her research and past publications focus on music in sociocultural contexts as well as historical issues in music education.

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