Sandtray Therapy

A Practical Manual, Second Edition

By Linda E. Homeyer, Daniel S. Sweeney

© 2011 – Routledge

122 pages

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pub: 2010-12-16
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About the Book

This new edition of Sandtray Therapy is an essential read for professionals and students who wish to incorporate the use of sandtray therapy into their work with clients of all ages. All aspects of this therapeutic technique are explored engagingly and in detail. The authors describe how to select appropriate types of sand, put together a sandtray, and develop a collection of miniatures for their clients to use. Their six-step protocol guides beginners through a typical session, including room set-up, creation of the client’s sandtray and the therapist’s role, processing the sandtray, cleanup, and post-session documentation. New chapters discuss group sandtray therapy, working with couples and families, sandtray therapy and psychic trauma, integrating cognitive and structural techniques, and a review of the relevant research. Numerous photos of sandtrays and miniatures are provided, and case studies illustrate how to carry out an effective session. Appendices offer sample forms and handouts, as well as a detailed bibliography to help readers make the most of this innovative and creative therapy practice.


"How is it possible to put so much in such a small book? Homeyer and Sweeney have written a definitive primer for beginning sandtray therapists. This manual is a practical, comprehensive, concise, and easy to understand approach to the essentials of sandtray therapy that could best be described as a sandtray therapy road map."Garry L. Landreth, University of North Texas, USA "I encourage the reader to purchase and review this lovely and useful text. I love it for its accessible language, responsible reviews of the literature, creativity, and obvious passion for the work. Thank you Linda and Daniel for this great contribution to our knowledge and clear directives for application!"From the foreword by Eliana Gil, Director of Clinical Services, Gil Center for Healing & Play, Virginia, USA

"Homeyer and Sweeney understand the healing power of sandtray therapy and masterfully convey their vast knowledge and experience in a clearly written and practical guide. Their manual is an essential resource for beginning and seasoned practitioners, and is a must for teaching sandtray---it belongs on the shelf of all mental health professionals!"Sue Bratton, Department of Counseling, Development, and Higher Education, University of North Texas; Center for Play Therapy, USA

Table of Contents

Introduction. Some History and Rationale for Sandtray Therapy. Sand and Sandtray. Miniatures and Arrangement. Protocol for a Sandtray Therapy Session. Processing the Sandtray Therapy Session. Integrating Cognitive and Structured Techniques in Sandtray Therapy. Group Sandtray Therapy. Couples and Families Sandtray Therapy. Sandtray Therapy and Psychic Trauma. Research and Assessment.

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