The Small Wars of the United States, 1899–2009

An Annotated Bibliography, 2nd Edition

By Benjamin R. Beede

© 2011 – Routledge

528 pages

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About the Book

The Small Wars of the United States, 1899–2009 is the complete bibliography of works on US military intervention and irregular warfare around the world, as well as efforts to quell insurgencies on behalf of American allies. The text covers conflicts from 1898 to present, with detailed annotations of selected sources. In this second edition, Benjamin R. Beede revises his seminal work, bringing it completely up to date, including entries on the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. An invaluable research tool, The Small Wars of the United States, 1899–2009 is a critical resource for students and scholars studying US military history.

Table of Contents



I. Bibliographic Sources

II. Small Wars and Counterinsurgency: Histories and General Studies

III. Small Wars and Counterinsurgency: Pre–World War II Doctrines and General Studies, 1899–1940

IV. The Philippine–American War and the Moro Campaigns, 1899–c. 1918

V. Boxer Uprising, 1898–1901

VI. China, 1901–1941

VII. Cuba, 1906–1909

VIII. Nicaragua, 1909–1925

XI. The Mexican Border, 1911–1919

X. Veracruz, 1914

XI. Haiti, 1915–1934

XII. Dominican Republic, 1916–1924

XIII. Cuba, 1917–1922

XIV. Russia, 1918–1920

XV. North Russia, 1918–1919

XVI. Siberia, 1918–1920

XVI. Siberia, 1918–1920

XVIII. Small Wars and Counterinsurgency: Post-World War II Doctrines and General Studies

XIX. North China, 1945–1949

XX. Lebanon, 1958

XXI. Dominican Republic, 1965–1966

XXII. Small Wars and Counterinsurgency from the Nixon Doctrine through the End of the Cold War, 1970–1990

XXIII. Lebanon, 1982–1984

XXXIV. Grenada, 1983–1985

XXV. Panama, 1989

XXVI. Small Wars and Counterinsurgency from the End of the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, 1991-2001

XXVII. Persian Gulf War, 1990–1991

XXVIII. Somalia, 1992–1994

XXIX. Bosnia, 1992–1996

XXX. Haiti, 1991–1996

XXXI. Kosovo

XXXII. Small Wars and Counterinsurgency: Doctrines and General Studies in the Age of the War on Terrorism

XXXIII. Afghanistan, 2001 –

XXXIV. Iraq War, 2003 –

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