Handbook of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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About the Book

Brought to you by the creator of numerous bestselling handbooks, the Handbook of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy provides a thorough grounding in the analytic techniques and technological developments that underpin renewable energy use and environmental protection. The handbook emphasizes the engineering aspects of energy conservation and renewable energy. Taking a world view, the editors discuss key topics underpinning energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. They provide content at the forefront of the contemporary debate about energy and environmental futures. This is vital information for planning a secure energy future.

Practical in approach, the book covers technologies currently available or expected to be ready for implementation in the near future. It sets the stage with a survey of current and future world-wide energy issues, then explores energy policies and incentives for conservation and renewable energy, covers economic assessment methods for conservation and generation technologies, and discusses the environmental costs of various energy generation technologies. The book goes on to examine distributed generation and demand side management procedures and gives a perspective on the efficiencies, economics, and environmental costs of fossil and nuclear technologies.

Highlighting energy conservation as the cornerstone of a successful national energy strategy, the book covers energy management strategies for industry and buildings, HVAC controls, co-generation, and advances in specific technologies such as motors, lighting, appliances, and heat pumps. It explores energy storage and generation from renewable sources and underlines the role of infrastructure security and risk analysis in planning future energy transmission and storage systems. These features and more make the Handbook of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy the tool for designing the energy sources of the future.


"This handbook is a general introduction to every aspect of alternative energy. … The book is written by a series of experts that cover nearly every aspect of the problem including cost, environmental impacts, transportation, heating and air conditioning, solar, wind, hydrogen—in short, virtually every aspect of energy."


". . . excellent resource . . . Overall, this is an ambitious resource with a good balance of energy-related subjects. Considering the breadth of topics, there is extraordinarily good depth to each chapter, useful to students new to these subjects and to experienced energy practitioners alike. Summing Up: Highly recommended."

– R. J. Barthelmie, Indiana University, in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, January 2008, Vol. 45, No. 5

Table of Contents

Introduction, D. Yogi Goswami

Global Energy Systems, D.Y. Goswami and F. Kreith

Energy Policy

U.S. State and Federal Policies for Renewable, C. Namovicz

International Policies for Renewable Energy, M. Durstewitz

Energy Policies in India, A. Misra

Energy Policies in Israel, G. Grossman

Renewable Energy Policies for China, D. Lew

Japanese Policy on Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy, K. Sakuta

Renewable Energy Policies in Brazil, R. Ruther

Policies for Distributed Generation, J. Bell

Economic Methods, Walter Short

Environmental Impacts and Costs of Energy, A. Rabl and J.V. Spadaro

Distributed Generation and Demand Side Management

Distributed Generation Technologies, A.T. De Almeida

Integration of DG into Grid, A.T. De Almeida

Demand-Side Management, C. Gellings and K. Parmenter

Generation Technologies through the Year 2025

Fossil Fuels, T. Armor

Nuclear Power Technologies, K. Kok and E. Harvego

Outlook for US Energy Consumption and Prices in the Mid-Term, A. Kydes

Transportation Systems, B. Isler

Energy Infrastructure, Risks Analysis and Management

Infrastructure Risk Analysis and Management, B. Ayyub

Electricity Infrastructure Security, M. Amin

Electrical Energy Management in Buildings, C. Smith and K. Parmenter

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Control Systems, J.F. Kreider, D. Claridge, and C.H. Culp

Energy Efficient Technologies

Introduction, F. Kreith

Electric Motor Systems Efficiency, A.T. De Almeida and S. Greenberg

Energy-Efficient Lighting Technologies and Their Application in the Commercial and Residential Sector, B. Atkinson, A. Denver, J. McMahon, G. Rosenquist, and R. Clear

Major Appliances and Space Conditioning Equipments, J. McMahon, G. Rosenquist, J. Lutz, A. Lekov, P. Biermayer,and  S. Meyers

Heat Pumps, K. Johnson

Compact Heat Exchangers – Recuperators and Regenerators, R. Shah

Industrial Energy Efficiency and Energy Management, B. Capehart, C.B Smith, and W. Rohrer, Jr

Process Energy Efficiency: Pinch Technology, K.K Trivedi

Pinch Technology in Practice, E. Fouche and K. Parmenter

Energy Audits for Buildings, M. Krarti

Co-generation, D. Turner

Energy Storage

Energy Storage Technologies, R. Hammerschlag

Advanced Concepts in Transmission and Distribution, R. Pratt

Availability of Renewable Resources

Solar Energy, D. Renne

Resource Availability: Wind Energy, D. Berg

Municipal Solid Waste, M. Franklin

Biomass, R. Brown

Solar Thermal Energy Conversion

Active Solar Heating Systems, A. Reddy and H. Schweiger

Solar Heat for Industrial Process, H. Schweiger, R. Battisti, and W. Weiss

Passive Solar Heating, Cooling, and Daylighting, J. Morehouse

Solar Cooling, S. Vijayaraghavan and  D.Y. Goswami

Solar Thermal Power, M. Romero-Alvarez and E. Zarza

Wind Energy Conversion, D. Berg

Photovoltaics Fundamentals, Technology and Application

Photovoltaics, R. Messenger

Thin film PV Technology, A. Tiwari

Waste-to-Energy Combustion, C. Velzy and L. Grillo

Biomass Conversion Processes for Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery by Anaerobic Digestion Process, M. Kayhanian and G. Tchobanoglous

Power Generation, R. Brown

Bio-fuels, R. Brown

Geothermal Power Generation, K. Kitz

Hydrogen Energy Technologies, S. A. Sherif, F. Barbir, T.N. Veziroglu, M. Mahishi, and S.S. Srinivasan

Fuel Cells, X. Li

Appendix 1: The International System of Units, Fundamental Constants, and Conversion Factors

Appendix 2: Solar Radiation Data

Appendix 3: Properties of Gases, Vapors, Liquids and Solids

Appendix 4: Ultimate Analysis of Biomass Fuels

Appendix 5: Thermophysical Properties of Refrigerants

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