Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements

Derivation, Implementation, and Interpretation

Edited by Graham Merrington, Ilse Schoeters

© 2010 – CRC Press

184 pages | 25 B/W Illus.

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pub: 2010-10-27

About the Book

A comprehensive and practical overview of the state of the science, Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements: Derivation, Implementation, and Interpretation addresses the derivation of soil quality standards for trace elements and the implementation of these standards within regulatory and risk assessment frameworks. Forty experts from 11 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America—a multidisciplinary group of government policy makers and regulators, academics, industry representatives, and consultants—provide a focused discussion on the science and methods underpinning the derivation of soil quality standards for trace elements.

  • Outlines the supporting science for setting environmental and human health standards
  • Covers the application and practical use of soil quality standards for trace elements
  • Contains recommendations on the development and use of soil quality standards for trace elements
  • Identifies best practices in accounting for (bio)availability and exposure modelling in standard setting for soils

The book provides a clear description of how to derive and implement soil quality standards for trace elements in order to assess human and environmental risks. It covers scientific developments useful for resolving discrepancies in the setting and implementation of soil quality standards. It provides useful tips, including do's, and don'ts on how to deal with issues such as variation of the natural background and soil type dependent toxicity.

Table of Contents

Workshop on Deriving, Implementing, and Interpreting Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements, G. Merrington and I. Schoeters

Introduction to the Workshop

Deriving, Implementing, and Interpreting SQS for TEs

Aims and Objectives of the Meeting


Derivation of Ecologically Based Soil Standards for Trace Elements, M.J. McLaughlin, S. Lofts, M. St.J. Warne, M.J.B. Amorim, A. Fairbrother, R. Lanno, W. Hendershot, C.E. Schlekat, Y. Ma, and G.I. Paton


Soil Factors Affecting Effective Dose

Conceptual Model of the Soil-Organism System

Implications for Setting Soil Quality Standards

Models of TE Uptake and Toxicity to Soil Organisms

Mechanistic Models

Empirical Toxicity Models

Direct Measurement of TE

Consideration of Modifying Soil Factors in Soil Quality Standards

Effects of Spiking Soils with Soluble TE Salts on Soil Solution Chemistry and Toxicity Measurements

Minimizing Spiking-Induced Artifacts in the Laboratory

Correction Factors for Existing Toxicity Data

Recommended “Best Practice” TE Dosing in Laboratory Ecotoxicity Experiments

Biotic Factors Affecting Organism Response to TE Dose



Variation in Soil Quality Criteria for Trace Elements to Protect Human Health: Exposure and Effects Estimation, B. Hale, N. Basta, C. Boreiko, T. Bowers, B. Locey, M. Moore, M. Moutier, L. Ritter, E. Smolders, I. Schoeters, and S. Tao


Exposure Characterization


Soil Ingestion

ed on Tracer Studies

Food Chain Exposure

Statistical Characterization of Exposure

Essential TEs

Bioavailability and Bioaccessibility

Effects of Characterization

Summary and Conclusions


Implementation and Use of Terrestrial Standards for Trace Elements, G. Merrington, I. Schoeters, M.St.J. Warne, B. Hale, V. Dries, C. Molenaar, J. Sorvari, J. Reinikainen, S.-W. Jeong, C. Oates, G. Stephenson, L. Buvé, J. Chapman, D. Heemsbergen, R. Wentsel, A. Bieber, and W. Guoqing


The Use of Soil Quality Standards

Frameworks for the Implementation and Use of SQSs for TEs

Accounting for Ambient Background Concentrations in the Implementation of TE SQSs

Accounting for (Bio)availability in the Derivation of TE SQSs

Accounting for Mixtures of TEs in Regulatory Frameworks

Monitoring and Assessment

Data Sources




Recommendations for the Derivation of Interpretable and Implementable Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements, G. Merrington, I. Schoeters, M.St.J. Warne, B. Hale, and M.J. McLaughlin


Soil Quality Standards for TEs and Best Practice




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