The IACUC Administrator’s Guide to Animal Program Management

By William G. Greer, Ron E. Banks

© 2016 – CRC Press

288 pages | 2 B/W Illus.

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About the Book

This book discusses effective, humane, practical animal use program management. The text offers practical advice on how to work within current regulations by providing best practices and guidance on how to design a program of animal care and use that fits within the context of federal policies and regulations. The author also document proven and successful strategies for managing the IACUC, which can assist all institutions with the development or enhancement of animal care and use programs.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Best Practices

Discussion of how the Best Practices Meetings were established

Description of the meetings & discussions

Types of Organizations that attended past meetings

The Administrators' Office Structures

Administrative Office Structures (Discussion & Org Charts)

IACUC Organization Charts (reporting relationships - Administrator, 10, AV, ACUC)

The Administrators' Role & Responsibilities

The diversity of roles the administrators play (satisfy both program & institutional


The Animal Care & Use Program

Key Institutional Representatives

Institutional Programmatic Variations Between Institutions

What is the animal care and use program (Units/areas that are part of the program)

Managing Conflicts of Interest (Perceived vs. Real)

Confidentiality Code

Reporting Requirements

Protocol Review and Approval

Initiating the review process

Prescreening protocols (Administrative & veterinary reviews)

Designated Reviews

Full Committee Reviews

DR vs. Full review

Administrative Reviews (significant vs. non-significant)

Expedited Reviews

How specific should a protocol be?

Protocol Non-compliance

Investigating & reporting welfare concerns & non-compliance

Suspensions & reporting

What needs reported

Developing sanctions

Protocol & Grant Congruency

Conducting the review

Documenting the review

Sample documents & Memorandums of Understanding

Semiannual Program Reviews

Facilitating the program review

Conducting the review

Sample documents

Making the most of your review

Semi-annual Facility Inspections

Facilitating the inspection process

Indentifying what areas need to be inspected

Inspecting rodent facilities

Inspecting surgery suites and reviewing relative records

Enrichment Devices

Sample documents

Monitoring the Care and Use of Research Animals

Methods for monitoring animals post protocol approval

Post Approval Monitoring Programs (PAM)

Conducting a PAM session

Sample documents

Facilitating Communication

PI's, AV's and Administrators

PI's & the IACUC

Sample documents

Field Studies

What requires IACUC oversight

Who is responsible for ensuring the appropriate permits are acquired

Personnel Qualifications and Training Programs

IACUC Member Training

Methods to conduct trainings

Training PI's

Training - Components of the Training Program made effortless

Training - Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs

Sample documents

Tracking Animal Use

What is the expectation?

What are the legal requirements?

Veterinary Care Programs

How to evaluate your Veterinary Care Program

Sample documents

Surgery and maintenance records

What Administrators need to know about analgesia & anesthesia

Whistle Blowing Policies

Methods for promoting and communicating the policy

Sample documents

Occupational Health and Safety of Personnel

Components of an OHSP

Self Evaluation of an OHSP

Satisfy Components of the OHSP while conducting other business

Biohazardous Materials in Animal Research

Emergency Plans

Program structure

Conducting Business in the midst of a disaster

Plans for programs without full time veterinary personnel

Testing the emergency plans

Sample documents

The Role of a Primary Grantee (sub-contracts & Collaboration)

Collaborations, Contract Facilities & the institutions responsibilities

Expectations and Sample documents

Activism and the IACUC Administrator

Freedom of Information Act (What Administrators need to know (from a legal


Animal Rights Activity

AWAR, PHS Policy, DOD & VA regulations - Know the Differences

Regulatory Requirements for funded activity

Primary Grantee & VA Relationships

Database Management

Electronic Maintenance of Animal Care and Use Program Data

Electronic Protocol Processes

Electronic Review Processes

Policies That Work



Process Policies

Sample documents

About the Authors

William G. Greer is Assistant Director of IACUC, IBC & Radiation Programs; The Office for Research Protections; The Pennsylvania State University.

Ron Banks is the Director of the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance at Duke University.

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