The Golgi Apparatus and the Plant Secretory Pathway

By David G Robinson

© 2012 – Blackwell

260 pages

About the Book

The Golgi apparatus is a key component of plant and animal cells. Its primary role is to orchestrate the targeting of proteins and lipids to specific cellular destinations. With advances in our understanding of how the Golgi apparatus operates in plants, it will become possible to manipulate both the timing and the site of delivery of macromolecules, thus influencing plant growth and development. This volume concentrates on the major developments of the last few years, drawing attention to the distinct differences between the plant and non-plant Golgi apparatus and highlighting unsolved problems. A chapter is included on the yeast Golgi apparatus.

Table of Contents

The Yeast Golgi Apparatus, B. Glick

The Golgi Apparatus in Mammalian and Higher Plant Cells: A Comparison, M. Pavelka and D.G. Robinson

Coat Protein-Membrane Interactions, F. Aniendo, D. Helms, and A.R. Memon

ER-Golgi-Cytoskeleton Interactions in Plant Cells, C. Hawes

Intra Golgi Transport and Golgo-Er Recycling in Plants, A. Nebenfuhr and J. Denecke

Protein Modifications in the Plant Golgi Apparatus, K. Matsuoka

Sorting of Lytic Enzymes in the Plant Golgi Apparatus, L. Jiang and J.C. Rogers

Sorting of Storage Proteins in the Plant Golgi, D. Hinz and E. Herman

Golgi Rabs and Snares, A. Nakano

Glycosyl Transferases in the Plant Golgi, H. Steinkellner and R. Srasser

Perturbation of Er/Golgi Vesicle Trafficking, C. Ritzenthaler and B. Satiat-Jeunemaitre

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