Avian Endocrinology

Edited by Alistair Dawson, C.M. Chaturvedi

© 2012 – Narosa

458 pages

About the Book

Avian species can be found on every continent and subcontinent across the globe. They have remarkably adaptive physiological and behavioural strategies for breeding and survival. They are domesticated as pets, used as livestock, provide important laboratory models for basic scientific research, and their numbers in the wild often indicate stresses in the environment.

Written by leading researchers in the field, Avian Endocrinology provides a definitive and comprehensive review of all aspects relating to hormones in birds both wild and domestic. Divided into nine sections, the book covers behavioural endocrinology, circadian and seasonal cycles, gonadal function, maternal contribution to eggs, prolactin, growth hormone, appetite and osmoregulation, stress, and immune function.

Research which leads to better knowledge of the avian endocrine system will lead to better breeding of livestock, better understanding of stresses on the environment, and ultimately shed light on how these stresses can affect humans. Extensively illustrated with tables, charts, and diagrams, Avian Endocrinology presents in-depth, up-to-date information and demonstrates how much the field has advanced over the past 25 years.


"Avian Endocrinology is a meticulous, professional, scholarly, and highly specialized scientific text…condenses an immense amount of technical information…is a welcome and very strongly recommended addition to zoology reference collections in general and avian studies reading lists in particular."

- Wisconsin Bookwatch, June 2003

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Table of Contents


Life Cycles, Behavioural Traits, and Endocrine Mechanisms, Wingfield, K.K. Soma, M. Wikelski, S.L. Meddle, and M. Hau

Testosterone, Phenotype, and Fitness: A Research Program in Evolutionary Behavioural Endocrinology, E.D. Ketterson, V. Nolan, Jr., J.M. Casto, C.A. Buerkle, E. Clotfelter, J.L. Grindstaff, K.J. Jones, J.L. Lipar, F.M.A. McNabb, D.L. Neudorf, I. Parker-Renga, S.J. Schoech, and E. Snajdr

Genomic and Non-Genomic Controls of Brain Aromatase Activity, J. Balthazart, M. Baillien, and G.F. Ball

Steriodogenesis in the Avian Brain, K. Tsutsui and B.A. Schlinger

Steroid-Melatonin Interactions and Seasonal Regulation of the Song Control System, G.E. Bentley and G.F. Ball


Melatonin and Circadian Rhythmicity in Birds, V. Kumar

Photoperiodic Control of Seasonal Reproduction: Neuroendocrine Mechanisms and Adaptations, P. Deviche and T. Small

Seasonality in Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae), D. Blache, J. Van Cleeff, M. Blackberry, P.J. Sharp, and G.B. Martin

The Thyroid and Photoperiodism, A. Dawson and J.P. Thapliyal


Sex Differentiation of the Gonads of Birds, N. Saito and K. Shimada

Secretory Patterns of Luteinzing Hormone and Gonadal Steroids in Relationship to Reproductive Status in Male and Female Turkeys, W.L. Bacon

Extra-Ovarian and Intra-Ovarian Control of Follicular Growth and Differentiation in the Chicken Ovary, A.G. Hernandez, H.-C. Yao, and J.M. Bahr

The Inhibin Family in the Reproductive Process of the Hen, E. Decuypere, D. Vanmontfort, M.Safi, V. Bruggeman, and O. Onagbesan


Egg Size Variation: Mechanisms and Hormonal Control, T.D. Williams, W.L. Reed, and R.L. Walzem

Maternal Thyroid Hormones in Avian Eggs: Potential for Disruption of Thyroid Hormone Deposition and Effects on Embryonic Development, F.M.A. McNabb


Neuroendocrinology of Prolactin Regulation in the Domestic Turkey, M.E. El Halawani, O.M. Youngren, and Y. Chaiseha

Photoperiodic Control of Prolactin Secretion, P.J. Sharp and K.P. Sreekumar


Growth Hormone and Embryonic Growth: Which Came First - The Chicken or the Egg? S. Harvey, I. Lavelin, and M. Pines

Molecular and Functional Heterogeneity of Growth Hormone, C. Arámburo, M.Carranza, H. Martínez-Coria, M. Reyes, L. Berúmen, J. López, H. Pascacio, L. Huerta, and M. Luna

Growth Hormone Secretion in the Chicken is a Result of Complex Interaction Between Hypothalamic and Hypophyseal Peptides, K.L. Geris, P. Van As, B. De Groef, G.J. Hickey, E.R. Kühn, R.P. Millar, E. Decuypere, and V.M. Darras

Nutritional Regulation of the Somatrophic Axis and Intermediary Metabolism in the Chicken, J. Buyse, V.M. Darras, L. Vleurick, E.R. Kuhn, and E. Decuypere


Leptin: Molecular Biology and Physiology, J.P. McMurtry, C. Ashwell, M. Richards, and R. Vasilatos-Younken

Evidence for Low Homology Between the Chicken and Mammalian Leptin Genes, I.C. Dunn, G. Girishvarma, R.T. Talbot, D. Waddington, T. Boswell, and P.J. Sharp

Glucogen-Like Peptide-1 (7-36) Amide (GLP-1) is a Potent Satiety Agent in Chickens, T. Bungo and M. Furuse

Regulation of Feeding by Neuropeptide Y, T. Boswell

Structure, Characterization and Expression of a Vasotocin Receptor in the Domestic Chicken (Gallus domesticus), L.E. Cornett, F.-L. Tan, S.M. Jones, D.A. Baeyens, and C. M. Chaturvedi


Mechanisms Underlying Seasonal Differences in the Avian Stress Response, L.M. Romero

Downstream from Corticosterone: Seasonality of Binding Globulins, Receptors, and Behaviour in the Avian Stress Response, C.W. Breuner and M. Orchinik

Comparison of Corticosterone and Heterophil to Lymphocyte Ratios as Indicators of Stress in Free-Living Birds, C.M. Vleck


Effects of Sex Steroids and Induced Molting on the Localization of Immune Cells in Hen Oviduct, Y. Yoshimura, W.M. Zheng, and B. Heryanto

Melatonin and Immonological Functions/Expression Bursa of Fabricius in Indian Jungle Bush Quail (Perdicula asiatica), C. Haldar and S.S. Singh

Bidirectional Communication Between the Immune and Neuroendocrine Systems: Role of Growth Hormone, K.L. Hull, F. Nette, and S. Harvey

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