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  • An Introduction to Feminism and Theatre

    1st Edition

    By Elaine Aston

    At last an accessible and intelligent introduction to the energising and challenging relationship between feminism and theatre. In this clear and enlightening book, Aston discusses wide-ranging theoretical topics and provides case studies including: * Feminism and theatre history * `M/Othering the…

    Paperback – 1994-12-15

  • As She Likes It

    Shakespeare's Unruly Women, 1st Edition

    By Penny Gay

    As She Likes It is the first attempt to tackle head on the enduring question of how to perform those unruly women at the centre of Shakespeare's comedies. Unique amongst both Shakespearian and feminist studies, As She Likes It asks how gender politics affects the production to the comedies, and how…

    Paperback – 1994-07-21
    Gender in Performance

  • Fruits of Her Plume: Essays on Contemporary Russian Women's Culture

    Essays on Contemporary Russian Women's Culture, 1st Edition

    By Helena Goscilo

    The 1980s witnessed the ascendency of Russian women in multiple spheres of artistic creation, including literature, film, and painting. This volume may thus be said to engage not only women's artistic production but, indeed, the best and most colourful of recent Russian culture. Treating…

    Paperback – 1993-09-30

  • Contemporary Feminist Theatres

    To Each Her Own, 1st Edition

    By Lizbeth Goodman

    Contemporary Feminist Theatres is a major evaluation of the forms feminism has taken in the theatre since 1968. Lizbeth Goodman provides a provocative and interdisciplinary study of the development of feminist theatres in Britain. She examines the treatment of key issues such as gender, race,…

    Paperback – 1993-03-25
    Gender in Performance

  • Reflections/Women/Antiquity

    1st Edition

    By Foley

    First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 1992-12-18

  • Feminisms

    A Reader, 1st Edition

    By Maggie Humm

    This major textbook for women's studies provides an excellent and wide-ranging introduction to feminist ideas and perspectives on issues such as the family, sexuality, work, education, patriarchy, race, language, culture and representation. It brings together over seventy key excerpts.…

    Paperback – 1992-04-01

  • Actresses as Working Women

    Their Social Identity in Victorian Culture, 1st Edition

    By Tracy C. Davis

    Using historical evidence as well as personal accounts, Tracy C. Davis examines the reality of conditions for `ordinary' actresses, their working environments, employment patterns and the reasons why acting continued to be such a popular, though insecure, profession. Firmly grounded in Marxist and…

    Hardback – 1991-06-27
    Gender in Performance

  • Woman'S Autobiographies 20#1

    1st Edition

    By Nancy A Walker

    First Published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 1991-01-01

  • Emily Dickinson: Celebration F

    1st Edition

    By Suzanne Juhasz, Cristanne Miller

    First Published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 1989-01-01

  • Carry on Understudies

    Theatre and Sexual Politics, 1st Edition

    By Michelene Wandor

    `one hell of a seminal read ... Here is a book that grapples, with energy, ingenuity and terrific intellectual rigour, with a bewildering forest of issues around gender and politics ... illuminating, insightful, perceptive.' - Women's Review…

    Paperback – 1986-06-26

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