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  • Japan’s Island Troubles with China and Korea

    Prospects and Challenges for Resolution

    Edited by Victor Teo, Haruko Satoh

    This book examines the Senkaku/Diaoyu Dispute between Japan and China and the Tokdo/Takeshima Dispute between Japan and Korea, in order to offer new perspectives on the possible approaches towards amelioration and resolution of these conflicts. Japan’s Island Troubles with China and Korea…

    Hardback – 2018-11-12 
    Politics in Asia

  • Regional Environmental Politics in Northeast Asia

    Conflict and Cooperation

    By Jeongwon Bourdais Park

    The share of global emissions from the core Northeast Asian countries in 2015 was estimated to be as high as 33.65%. Representing 28.03%, 3.84% and 1.78% of total global emissions, China, Japan and South Korea were ranked the first, fifth and seventh largest contributors, respectively. Some parts…

    Hardback – 2018-10-16 
    Politics in Asia

  • The Political History of Modern Japan

    Foreign Relations and Domestic Politics

    By Kitaoka Shinichi

    Spanning the 130-year period between the end of the Tokugawa Era and the end of the Cold War, this textbook introduces students to the formation of the modern Japanese state. It demonstrates how, faced with foreign threats, Japan developed a new governing structure to deal with these challenges and…

    Paperback – 2018-10-15 

  • National Identity and Japanese Revisionism

    Abe Shinzo’s vision of a beautiful Japan and its limits

    By Michal Kolmas

    Japan has experienced a radical shift in its self-perception. Before and during World War II, Japan’s bushidō militarism led to its great colonial ventures in Asia and beyond. After the humiliating defeat and inscription of a peaceful constitution by the United States however, Japan embraced a…

    Hardback – 2018-10-05 
    Routledge Studies on the Asia-Pacific Region

  • Japanese Political Economy Revisited

    Abenomics and Institutional Change

    Edited by David Chiavacci, Sébastien Lechevalier

    During the last 30 years, the Japanese political economy system has experienced significant changes that are usually not well understood or analysed because of their complexity and contradictions. This book provides new analyses and insights on the process of evolving Japanese political economy…

    Hardback – 2018-10-01 

  • National Identity and Great-Power Status in Russia and Japan

    Non-Western Challengers to the Liberal International Order

    By Tadashi Anno

    Having suffered military defeat at the hands of advanced Western powers in the 1850s, Russia and Japan embarked upon a program of catch-up and modernization in the late-19th Century. While the two states sought in the main to replicate the successes of the advanced great powers of the West, the…

    Hardback – 2018-09-04 
    Politics in Asia

  • Negotiating the U.S.–Japan Alliance

    Japan Confidential

    By Yukinori Komine

    In recent years, the U.S.–Japan alliance has marked several anniversaries, including 40 years since the 1969 decision on the reversion of Okinawa. These occasions have provided crucial opportunities to reassess the continuing significance of U.S.–Japan security and diplomatic relations, prompting…

    Paperback – 2018-08-23 

  • Japanese Development Cooperation

    The Making of an Aid Architecture Pivoting to Asia

    Edited by André Asplund, Marie Soderberg

    The world order as we know it is currently undergoing profound changes, and in its wake, so is foreign aid. Donors of foreign aid, development assistance or development cooperation around the world are already facing new challenges in the changing development architecture. This is an architecture…

    Paperback – 2018-08-23 

  • Local Political Participation in Japan

    A Case Study of Oita

    By Dani Daigle Kida

    How Do Japanese Citizens Participate Politically? Most Japanese citizens, perhaps with a bit of a chuckle, would answer that ‘average’ Japanese do not participate in politics. While political attitudes in other countries have fluctuated corresponding to social, political, and economic climates of…

    Hardback – 2018-08-14 
    Routledge Studies on the Asia-Pacific Region

  • Japan’s Environmental Politics and Governance

    From Trading Nation to EcoNation

    By Yasuo Takao

    Environmental issues stretch across scales of geographic space and require action at multiple levels of jurisdiction, including the individual level, community level, national level, and global level. Much of the scholarly work surrounding new approaches to environmental governance tends to…

    Paperback – 2018-08-10 

  • The EU–Japan Partnership in the Shadow of China

    The Crisis of Liberalism

    Edited by Axel Berkofsky, Christopher W. Hughes, Paul Midford, Marie Söderberg

    Both the European Union and Japan have been major beneficiaries and supporters of the liberal international order, first led by the United States since the end of World War II. During this period, they have emerged as global powers, however, the very order that nurtured their rise is now facing…

    Hardback – 2018-07-09
    European Institute of Japanese Studies East Asian Economics and Business Series

  • Hegemony and the US‒Japan Alliance

    By Misato Matsuoka

    It is widely recognised that the increasing importance of the US‒Japan alliance is strongly linked to emerging threats in the Asia Pacific, with China’s rise and the ambitions of North Korea having brought the two allies closer together. This book, however, seeks to question whether these factors…

    Hardback – 2018-07-03
    The University of Sheffield/Routledge Japanese Studies Series

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